browser brave: fingerprint protection

browser brave: fingerprint protection

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 15 Mar 2020


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browser brave: has just launched a new version of its famous browser with a major upgrade, which includes fingerprint protection, This last update is already available for its nightly version

With this new protection, we want to provide one of the most important and strongest protections for brave users, And all this without the need to have notices and permissions

With this approach, it differs from the other protection tools of other browsers, and that it can act as imperceptible to humans

Having a much more practical and much more effective protection, will be once again important for each user to provide a service to the web always respecting the privacy

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The problem

The vast majority of all browsers today do not have useful defenses, They can track you online using the famous kookies, so they can identify all the destinations, and since then they have kidnapped many advertisers and also the trackers themselves to be able to identify you on the web

In this regard, our famous browser wants to combat this monitoring, with tools that are focused on privacy, which can impose strict restrictions on which sites can obtain and place the famous kookies, and thus limit that you can identify


The solution

Instead of taking and removing and modifying all differences or adding other permission requests, Brave will start by adding a randomization with endpoints of these fingerprints

Brave's new approach aims to make each browser look completely unique, both between websites and between browsing sessions

If you want to know how it works, click on the following link Fingerprint Demo Site


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