SmartMall: The Future Application Engine of Web3.0 and the Metaverse

After more than a decade of development, blockchain technology and the Web3 concept have gradually gained widespread recognition. According to statistics from institutions, by the end of 2024, the global blockchain market size will exceed $29.03 billion. As a leading company focused on Web3 infrastructure construction, how can SmartMall become the most influential application service provider in this rising market trend, given its unique competitive advantages?


I. Building Key Web3 Infrastructure

The foundation of building the Web3 ecosystem lies in the underlying technological architecture. In this field, SmartMall can be considered a pioneer. Not only has it accumulated rich experience in blockchain underlying research and development, but it has also made breakthrough progress in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence and financial transaction systems, laying the foundation for building Web3 infrastructure.

In terms of blockchain infrastructure, SmartMall's self-developed PoP (Proof of Participation) consensus algorithm can achieve a high-level cryptoeconomic system with high concurrency, high throughput, and low power consumption, effectively solving the current issues of public chains such as congestion and high transaction fees. This provides efficient and scalable support for Web3 at the infrastructure level.

Well-known public chains such as Ethereum and Solana have adopted less secure PoW or PoS consensus mechanisms and faced performance bottlenecks during bull markets. However, SmartMall, through its innovative PoP algorithm, has not only overcome this predicament but also achieved higher processing efficiency and terminal compatibility, gaining an advantage for subsequent ecosystem development.

In the future, SmartMall will also build a "Smart Digital City," providing users with an immersive experience and offering developers a space and testing ground for deploying innovative applications, potentially becoming an incubator/launchpad for the next generation of Web3 applications.

During the underlying technology reserve stage, SmartMall's strong technical team, in addition to being proficient in blockchain, has highly integrated their expertise in various fields such as artificial intelligence and financial transaction systems, forming a comprehensive innovative driving force.


II. Overview of Web3 Development Landscape 

As a rapidly developing Web3 field, SmartMall, which can comprehensively cover various tracks, has already established a considerable scale, with its vast product matrix encompassing almost all major Web3 hot tracks.

In the DeFi field, SmartMall will build the SmartDEX decentralized exchange. While ensuring security, SmartDEX will feature multi-chain interoperability, dark pool trading, and other characteristics to achieve extremely high processing performance and privacy, aiming to become a top-tier DEX platform. According to Dappradar data, the current trading volume of leading DEX projects is only $25 million per day, indicating that SmartDEX has greater growth potential and competitive advantage.

In the NFT track, SmartMall will not only aggregate NFT products but also introduce the exclusive concept of Digital People IP (virtual digital human IP). By endowing NFTs with intelligent interactive attributes, their unique scarcity and value storage capabilities are significantly enhanced. Considering that the NFT market size reached $22.5 billion in 2022, the growth potential in this field cannot be underestimated.

In the SocialFi model, SmartMall proposes building a three-layer social application: investment social earning, gaming experience rating, and content creation mining, aiming to solve current pain points such as player churn in GameFi and inconsistent content quality. SmartMall's design closely aligns with users' real needs, potentially sparking a new SocialFi wave. The popular institution Animoca Brands achieved a $1 billion valuation through its Gamesfi+SocialFi model, becoming a trendsetter in the GameFI and social tracks.

Additionally, SmartMall covers multiple cutting-edge fields such as GameFi, DID identity, and DataFi. By building a comprehensive product line, SmartMall not only occupies a leading position in various vertical tracks but can also oversee the entire Web3 ecosystem development landscape, enabling it to seize new opportunities.

Data shows that by 2028, the market sizes of GameFi and the metaverse will reach $53.2 billion and $13 trillion, respectively. It can be foreseen that SmartMall's product matrix layout coincides with the explosive growth period of these tracks, providing unlimited expansion opportunities.


III. Ecosystem Aggregation Empowers the Value of SMT Tokens 

Ecosystem aggregation capability is SmartMall's greatest core competitive advantage. It connects multiple scenarios, forming an internal loop by issuing SMT tokens and introducing advanced concepts such as DAO, allowing different tracks to develop in a synergistic manner rather than in isolation.

As the universal cryptocurrency of the ecosystem, the SMT token will permeate various application scenarios such as social, trading, creation, and gaming, enabling cross-scenario value circulation and allowing the token's value to be fully realized.

Taking NFTs as an example, SmartMall allows users to mint NFTs by burning SMT tokens, enabling bi-directional value transfer. For high-quality creators on the platform, they can directly hold SMT tokens to earn rewards, incentivizing the output of high-value content.

Additionally, holding SMT tokens allows participation in DAO self-governance by voting on the community's development direction. This new value incentive model not only enables value circulation but also greatly motivates participants' consensus and positive engagement, driving the ecosystem's upward development.

The high-quality development of the ecosystem, in turn, will stimulate the demand for SMT tokens, forming a positive feedback loop. This contrasts sharply with the current phenomenon of many zombie chains with no participant involvement. According to relevant data, currently, more than 60% of circulating tokens are not held by anyone, resulting in a severe liquidity drought.

The inherent closed loop and efficient token circulation within the SmartMall ecosystem will undoubtedly inject intrinsic momentum into SMT. Furthermore, its built-in deflationary mechanism is likely to drive SMT's value to continuously rise, forming a value black hole effect. This will be the most significant advantage over ordinary tokens.

In addition to value circulation, SmartMall's DAO concept is also noteworthy. It fully decentralizes power to community self-governance, allowing users to drive ecosystem development. This aligns closely with the decentralized ethos of Web3 and will undoubtedly gain more user recognition.


IV. Collaborative Resources Empower Ecosystem Development 

Building such a vast Web3 ecosystem is not an overnight achievement. Apart from its own strengths, SmartMall will continuously gain empowerment from collaborative partners, forming a powerful combined force for development.

SmartMall has integrated with multiple leading crypto NFT protocols such as Opensea, expanding its ecosystem boundaries. Through this integration and mutual empowerment, SmartMall achieves a match between NFT technology and application scenarios. For example, the NFT digital collectible platform Niffty uses blockchain technology to endow digital collectibles with unique identities and employs methods like limited issuance to ensure their scarcity and value. After joining the SmartMall ecosystem, the two parties' cooperation realized the combination of NFT technology and application scenarios. In the DeFi field, SmartMall has integrated with well-known projects such as Maker Protocol, Aave, and Compound to build the next-generation DEX exchange, SmartDEX.

SmartMall has already begun deploying its AI virtual human ecosystem. Previously, it collaborated with a domestic AI startup team and introduced Human Metrix, a virtual human design system based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and big data training, leading the industry in digital human design and applications. In the future, SmartMall will engage in in-depth cooperation in multiple tracks such as virtual human AI technology and digital human IP.

Through collaborative integration, SmartMall will address practical pain points such as insufficient DEX liquidity, NFT pricing difficulties, and the lack of Web3 AI application scenarios, continuously enhancing the overall ecosystem's competitiveness.


V. DAO Multi-Layer Management, Co-Governance, and Co-Sharing 

In the form of a DAO, SmartMall leverages community power to initiate a new round of Web3 innovation. An efficient and transparent operating model will facilitate rapid strategic deployment.

To improve decision-making efficiency and avoid Web3's cumbersome internal hierarchies, achieving centralized efficiency, SmartMall adopts a flexible aggregation strategy, organizing its core team into a DAO form and expanding the ecosystem around it. Furthermore, SmartMall divides the ecosystem into multiple vertical tracks, including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and more, granting each track sufficient autonomy to unleash innovation. Simultaneously, SmartMall connects these tracks organically through the issuance of SMT tokens, the establishment of digital spaces, and other means, forming a mutually complementary dynamic.

SmartMall also plans to incorporate the experience of well-known DAO organizations such as CurveDao to build a multi-layered management framework with co-governance and co-sharing, where DAO members can fully participate by proposing governance initiatives and receiving rewards.

Through its innovative technology and comprehensive strategic layout, SmartMall is at the forefront of Web3.0 and metaverse development. By building a robust underlying technological architecture, SmartMall not only enhances the performance of blockchain systems but also provides reliable infrastructure for future digital economic models through its multi-chain interoperability and advanced consensus algorithms.


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