Xtz.news will launch this Tuesday

Xtz.news will launch this Tuesday

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 3 Jan 2021

Xtz news is a new website that will cover all the news and latest developments in the Tezos ecosystem. Different type of content will be published. Besides articles, there will be podcasts, opinions, tutorials and some NFT based content. Xtz.news will fill some of the void in marketing for Tezos. The basic launch of the site will be the breeding grounds for guerrilla marketing strategies and more broader efforts to improve reach outside the Tezos community. But most of all, it will be the go-to place for all Tezos news.

Article line-up
The first new articles that will be available on Tuesday will be:
- "Tickets for more efficient & secure DeFi" (Tickets will be a game changing feature that is included in the Edo upgrade that will be deployed on mainnet this February.)
- "DAO BAker in a nutshell" (This is part of a series on a DeFi ecosystem to be deployed on Tezos soon.)
- "Hicetnunc - Microfunding DAOs on Tezos"

Some other subjects that are lined up will cover news regarding Equisafe, Elevated Returns, DAO Baker, TezFin, SEXP (Sybthetics exchange on Tezos) and much more.

Podcasts will be done by Vince Ferraiuolo.

The first season series will be a great start with some very interesting guests: 

- Episode 1: Dave Hendricks (From STO platform Vertalo) "The future of Real Estate" (This episode is already available on Youtube and will be added on xtz.news soon.) 
- Episode 2: Kevin Mehrabi (Founder of Stable Tech) "Lending Apps & Stablecoins"
- Episode 3: Scott Trowbridge, co-founder of Block Swap "Dao Baker Liquidity Protocol"
- Episode 4: Ken Garofalo "Block Relations"
- Episode 5: CamlCase Tech founder Tyler Clark "Defi"
- Episode 6: Brian David-Marshall (From Emergents, Marvel Comics and much more) " Blockchain CCGs"

The team is advised by Sascha Meinrath. Meinrath founded the Open Technology Institute in 2008 and directed the Institute while also serving as Vice President of the New America Foundation. He is also the co-founder and executive director of the CUWiN Foundation, a non-profit launched in 2000 that aims to develop "decentralized, community-owned networks that foster democratic cultures and local content. He also holds the Palmer Chair in Telecommunications at Penn State University and is the founder of X-Lab, a future-focused technology policy and innovation think tank. - Source 

I'm in :)
I'm especially excited for this project, since I will be one of the lead writers for xtz.news. Starting Tuesday, all my articles will be published on xtz.news first and a few days later on Publish0x. I hope you guys will continue to follow me here and get Tezos news to the popular pages on Publish0x on a regular basis.
And I'm very happy to mention that Lee Evans, from Tokencrunch, will also be writing for xtz.news.


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