What happens when scammers take it too far? A crispy burn of a known scammer.

What happens when scammers take it too far? A crispy burn of a known scammer.

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 4 Nov 2019

Scammers are a real nuisance in the cryptospace. So when one get's burned to a crisp, there is no shame in feeling some level of satisfaction while following the soap on twitter. Grab some popcorn beacuse @aantonop just joined the party.

RIP this guys reputation.


@aantonop means business: he even took the trouble translating his tweet in Italian and German:




This guy confronted him on camera:


In the process an associate of Jorg Molt has just lost any chance of a credible career in the cryptospace after contacting @aantonop and demanding to stop spreading "rumors and lies".

Twitter took it from there and these two people will need to either find themselves a new identity and a new face, or get a dayjob at the local supermarket because they won't be able to set foot in any crypto related conference or social media platform if linked to the names and faces that are annihilated in the cryptospace today.

Allen Walters
Allen Walters

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