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The Tezos community rewards have just been distributed: rewards up to 200 XTZ

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 25 Nov 2020

Last October, the Tezos Foundation, Tezos Commons and TQ Tezos, announced the "Tezos Community Rewards" program. An initiative to foster community engagement and reward people from the Tezos community who have been contributing to Tezos in different ways.
Up to 5,000 XTZ will be distributed every month to people who contributed in one of several categories. Anyone can nominate someone which they feel has deserved to be rewarded. With the nomination, proof needs to be added. For example a link to the users Gitlab/ Github account, links to articles or twitter accounts. The submissions will then be assessed.

The categories are divers: non-funded devs working on Tezos, good samaritans for helping other community members, long-time community members, FUD fighters on social media, content creators and... the TACO award for best article, tutorial white paper or other educational materials. In the last category, I was fortunate enough to receive a cool 200 XTZ. (Around $500.- at the time of writing.)

How to participate?
Anyone can be nominated. After the start of the community awards program, I noticed an increase in engagement on twitter. If you start looking into Tezos and start to engage or write, or create, or in any way start to get more involved, you can be nominated for an award. You could even nominate yourself. All nominations will be verified through the evidence supplied with the nomination. Learn about Tezos in the links supplied at the end of this article. 

Rewards were distributed through Kukai wallet. You can send XTZ to anyone with a twitter, reddit or gmail account. The receiver does not need to have a wallet in advance. They will receive a DM with directions how to open their wallet. Which is simply done by opening Kukai in a browser that is logged in on the twitter, reddit or gmail account that received the XTZ.

For this month, the following categories apply:

Indie Dev of the Month
For any developer that is not associated with core Tezos teams.

Best or most popular NEW Tezos meme, GIFs are eligible too!

Troll Hunter and/or FUD Fighter
For defending the Tezos social media ecosystem from the enemies at the gate

Good Samaritan
For helping community members and newcomers to the Tezos ecosystem

Curiosity Award
For asking the most engaging question on Agora

Genius Award
For giving the best answer to a question posed on TezosAgora
OG Award (For long-time Community members who have stuck with the project through all the ups and downs and have remained as an active contributing member of the Tezos Community)

TACO Award
For the best article, tutorial, white paper or any other Tezos related educational material.

Social Maven
For those who do organic marketing campaigns to help advocate Tezos on Twitter and other social media channels, like Facebook and LinkedIn

Helpers & Sherpas
For people who freely help others with Tezos related tech-support issues

Governance Gurkas
Whip the vote for protocol upgrades.

Stack Exchange Rangers
For those who take their time to answer Tezos related questions on Tezos Stack Exchange.

Agora Anglers
For casting ideas/projects related to Tezos on TezosAgora.

Flock & Feathers
For holding the canopy on Twitter in being a great Tezos advocate.

Give a Go
For anyone giving an idea a start by showing some initial action and humble result for things like DApps, a homegrown Tezos project, or any Tezos related project, do not be fearful of failure!

Humble Coder Abode
Unsolicited contributions to public open source Tezos projects Tezos on GitLab or GitHub.

Content Creators
For people who make creative Tezos content, such as Tezos related songs or Tezos related art, etc.


New to Tezos? Read this full introduction to Tezos.

Here you can read more about the Status of the Tezos ecosystem. (Latest news, developments and growth of the adoption rate and on-chain statistics)

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