The newest version of Tezos' Kukai wallet enables you to send XTZ to any Google, Reddit and Twitter account

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 1 Nov 2020

Best is to let you experience this. It will take you two clicks and 10 seconds. Make sure you use a browser where you are automatically logged into your Google-, Reddit- or Twitter account. You don't have to open your account, just click the icon of the account that you want to connect to a Tezos address. Go ahead:

Simple as that. Signing up and signing in is the same simple method. No need to store your address or your keys. All you need is to be logged into your Google-, Reddit- or Twitter account in the browser that you use to access your Kukai wallet. It doesn't get more intuitive than that. Open the page and click on the icon.
Now you can add funds to the wallet. And the coolest part is: you can now send XTZ to any Google-, Reddit- or Twitter account name there is. (That is Google account email address, Reddit username, or Twitter handle.) Make sure you spell the name right though. Best to copy paste, because if you make an error, your funds will be stuck on an address that no one can access. Fun part is that the counter party does not need to have a Tezos wallet activated yet.

"By sending tez to a user’s existing social accounts, on-boarding new users to the Tezos ecosystem is simpler than ever. If the recipient doesn’t have a Tezos wallet, an account for that person is automatically generated by DirectAuth using the Torus network for distributed key management."


Kukai will send the receiver a message to notify that they have received XTZ on a Kukai wallet (email for Google accounts, or DM on Reddit and Twitter). The message will contain a link to the Kukai page that you've just visited yourself.

Kukai makes use of DirectAuth, an open source and non-custodial key management system. (Non-custodial = they do not have access to any private keys) Keys are generated using distributed key generation and tied to your Google/ Reddit/ Twitter login. (All accounts will have a different address and keys. So if you login through your Google account, you will access your Google-Tezos address, not your Twitter-Tezos address. Once you have XTZ on your account, make sure you have a strong password and you have a recovery option. If you lose access, or someone unauthorized gains access, you lose your funds and this can not be recovered.


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