The first 100 ETHtz has been minted and is ready to enter Tezos DeFi

The first 100 ETHtz has been minted and is ready to enter Tezos DeFi

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 31 Dec 2020

ETHtz is wrapped ETH on Tezos, to enable ETH deployment on Tezos applications. More about ETHtz here. 
This is especially interesting due to the low transaction fees on Tezos. On average transactions cost you 3,000 times less on Tezos than on Ethereum. The first use-case would be trading on DEXter, and the soon to be launched Quipuswap. Both are Tezos-based Decentralized exchanges. The example here, shows that on the day of writing, 100 transactions on Ethereum cost $415.90, while 100 transactions on Tezos cost $0.08. That makes it worth tradin gon Tezos-based DEXes.

The first kickstart of ETHtz's liquidity has been made today with the minting of 100 ETHtz.


The ETH reserves can be seen here:


Soon an EUR stablecoin will be added.


New to Tezos? Read this full introduction to Tezos.

Here you can read more about the Status of the Tezos ecosystem. (Latest news, developments and growth of the adoption rate and on-chain statistics)

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