Tezos App wins 3 awards in the "Best of Swiss Apps Awards"

Tezos App wins 3 awards in the "Best of Swiss Apps Awards"

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 7 Dec 2020

Ecoo, an application built on Tezos, has received three awards in the "Best of Swiss Apps Awards". The Best of Swiss Apps Awards is a yearly award show which was first held in 2013.
This year there were 229 submissions, which have been judged by a 56 -member jury, readers of netzwoche.ch and the live audience. Awards could be won in 10 categories.

Since this is not a DeFi application, but a real-live application of blockchain, chances are you never heard of Ecoo before. Unless you are Swiss, since the Ecoo usecase in the Swiss city Wetzikon got coverage in national Swiss news. 
Real live applications of blockchain are applications where blockchain is used to make applications trustless, more simple, more secure or make processes cheaper. In these type of applications users do not necessarily know they interact with blockchain.

Ecoo is a revolutionary payment platform that enables issuers of funds to pre-specify transaction allocation. This means that you can determine in advance who can spend funds where.
The first applied use case was the distribution of a COVID relieve funds in the Swiss city of Wetzikon. Ecoo enabled Swiss authorities to predetermine who received funds and where they could spend it: the Swiss city of Wetzikon issues "Wetzikoins" to its citizens, which they can spend at local businesses. Wetzokoins are worth CHF 10.- which is worth about $10.95. Local business owners can then convert the Wetzikoins to CHF, by sending them back to the token address of the city of Wetzikon with a special app. Ruedi Rüfenacht, Mayor of Wetzikon says: "It is important to us to do something for the local economy in the current situation that is sustainable and not just tied to a specific point in time. With ecoo we have found a sustainable solution to motivate Wetzikers to shop in local shops instead of just buying online or from wholesalers."

The Wtzikoin project is the first real life application that Ecoo launches, but it has many more possible use-cases. As mentioned in the official announcement:
- Tourism: guests can pay with «Tourism Coins» at selected shops, railways and businesses
- Events or festivals, where visitors pay with coins, while the partners, e.g. a catering stand, collect the event currency via the app
- Companies that want to give their employees meal vouchers not only for the canteen, but also for the nearby bakery or the pop-up restaurant on the corner
- Health insurances that credit the insured with "Health Points" that can be redeemed at selected partners. This simplifies the organization of partnerships in the health sector, for example in the area of ​​health promotion.

Ecoo is created by Papers, DU DA Data & Commtech by Farner and Farner Consulting

Ecoo won three awards. They won Silver in the category "Design", which had a total of 30 submissions. A Bronze award was given to Ecoo in the category "Innovation", which had a total of 37 submissions. And in the category "User Experience & Usability" Ecoo won another Bronze award.


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