Koytcha Immo partnered with Equisafe to offer tokenization of assets on Tezos

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 14 May 2020

Koytcha Immo is a company that is specialized in real estate wealth management in Reunion and France. Koytcha Immo helps clients to optimize their investments by offering real estate products, located in strategic locations. With Equisafe, Koytcha Immo will be able to offer not just a new product to its clients, it also offers the opportunity to diversify real estate portfolio's in a way that was not possible before. When offering the possibility to invest in real estate through STO's (Security Token Offerings which represent real estate), clients can now efficiently buy smaller parts of real estate. This means that clients who have just enough funds for one property and thus could previously only buy a single property, can now diversify and spread risk over several properties by buying a percentage of the security tokens that represent these properties. STO's make investing in parts of real estate possible, while still earning rental revenue. This doesn't just open up possibilities for existing clients. It also opens the door for potential clients that do not have enough funds to buy real estate at all. Now, this group of people have the opportunity to buy a part or several parts of real estate and join the market. So STO's do not just open up opportunities for existing investors to diversify, but also open up the real estate market for less wealthy investors.

But one of the biggest advantages that apply immediately for Koytcha Immo (so not for future clients or current clients who are looking to diversify), is the fact that tokenizing and transforming processes through smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain, simplifies these processes and makes them way more cost efficient. As Bilal el Alamy, CEO of Equisafe stated in todays interview with Crowdfunderinside: 

"The company manages about 20 properties and must, at the general meetings, vote some 560 people. Therefore we helped them to digitize all these processes and to automate what could be automated. Keeping of their registers, customer knowledge and the verification of transaction conformity are done automatically via our platform. Then, it facilitates governance. Previously, Koytcha Immo asked investors to vote by email, had to retry them until they received an answer, and then centralize all the information in their own files. Today, the investor accesses the space dedicated to asset management on our platform, takes part in the vote, then the transaction is automatically forwarded to Koytcha."

Tokenizing real estate (and other assets) doesn't just simplify investing, it also simplifies managing these investments and all processes that financial companies deal with for their clients.

Tezos and Equisafe
Equisafe has launched a set of smartcontracts on Tezos in the beginning of this year that is the most complete and revolutionary blockchain basis for STO's at this point of time: the NYX standard. I reccommend anyone to read the full article on the NYX standard and how it compares to Ethereum standards

Equisafe started working with Ethereum, but moved towards Tezos:

"We started on Ethereum because it was the most documented technology. It allowed us to develop what we wanted very quickly. But as time went by, we had doubts about certain features and we looked elsewhere. Tezos was growing in strength and we saw that the protocol met the limits we had suspected on Ethereum, particularly in terms of security for smart contracts. We found a strong community, the security we were looking for, greater scalability, too – if Ethereum can register 10 operations per second, Tezos is already at 100 -, and the ability to update itself, without forks, which is not the case with all DLTs."
- Bilal el Alamy (CEO Equisafe)


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