I'd like to suggest a notification function for new comments on Publish0x

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 27 Jun 2020

I've been writing on Publish0x for over a year now and love it as a platform to publish content. I slowly grew into writing content, after I started to organize my crypto findings and opinions in posts on Reddit. Reddit always has been a great way to test your own convictions and opinions. There is always someone to comment and start a discussion. But the formatting isn't suitable for a decent write-up. So I started publishing on Medium and posting the articles on Reddit. That worked out fine, but then I found out about Publish0x. Earn a little extra crypto instead of the worthless likes or claps on Reddit and Medium. I love the format and the easy with which you can add links, pictures and video's.

But I have one suggestion: a notifier on Publish0x to inform you about new comments on posted articles. At this point, this is done by email. But this is cumbersome. Especially since not everyone (including myself) is using his or her main e-mail account to register on websites. At this point, I just open articles the first two days after posting them, to see if someone has commented. Having an inbox on Publish0x would be a lot more convenient and would make interacting on the platform more fluent.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Which I'll be checking at a certain point.. ;)

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Allen Walters
Allen Walters

Fascinated by blockchain and future proofing cryptocurrency. Discover the tech before it gets relevant. Twitter: @IgnoranceIt

Publish0x posts
Publish0x posts

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