Electis will deploy their prototype for digital voting on Tezos

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 25 Feb 2020

Blockchain, a decentralized, digital, safe, immutable and thus "trustless" distributed ledger that can store any data.

Use cases that can be deducted from these properties are for example: 

Elections require a lot of trust. We vote, and then what? Who counts the votes? Do they make mistakes? Do they commit fraud? At this moment votes are mostly counted by hand, and digital voting systems have failed in several occasions. With the recent developments in politics and foreign influences on elections, trust is at a new low. If elections could be immutable and trustless, this would be a huge win for democracy. Public blockchain fits the bill here.
Electis works on a blockchain based voting system at this very moment. Electis is a non-governmental organization based on the following principles: non profit, non commercial, and politically and philosophically neutral. 

Our core purpose is to help bettering our democratic systems by promoting the best usage of technologies ("Tech for Democracy"), with a specific focus on electoral processes which are at the core of democratic life.

One of their biggest pilot projects is the world-wide Cross-University Voting Project. Tezos is the obvious choice for the project. Not only because of the fact that Tezos is a solid blockchain, build from the ground up with institutional grade smartcontracts that enables formal verification and has been running smoothly for over 1.5 year. Tezos' on-chain governance system that has been implemented in the blockchain itself, is an interesting quality for on-chain voting mechanisms. No need for a proof of concept. The concept has proven itself on the Tezos blockchain, with the sixth on-chain amendment in progress at this very moment. Yesterday, Electis has officially announced that they will run the Cross-University Voting project on the Tezos blockchain. The project will be applied for the first time this fall, when a first cross-university election will be held:
"The core of participating universities is already mobilized and ready to jump into the first phase of the project. Electis is inviting more universities to get on board for the initial proof-of-concept vote, which is to be held in autumn 2020."

See for extensive information about Tezos: "An introduction to Tezos."

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