The French Gendarmerie’s cybercrime division (C3N) would like to expand their application on Tezos.

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 29 Jan 2020

After the French Gendarmerie’s cybercrime division (C3N) deployed their first smart contract on Tezos blockchain in November, they'd like to expand now.

C3N has been running a trail project on the Tezos blockchain since November 2019. They have been running a smart contract on Tezos to simplify accounting. “On this type of financing, Europol asked us for precise accounting. So we spent the money and each transaction was entered on the blockchain quickly after purchase. This is what enabled us subsequently to have payments validated by Europol, ”explains Edouard Klein, R & D project manager at C3N.

The switch from accounting on traditional databases, has not only simplified accounting for C3N, it also drastically reduced costs. Where they previously had to add 40.- EUR for administration costs, these costs are now reduced to a few cents.

"We reported to Europol on December 18, with the history of all transactions recorded on the blockchain. With Europol, it worked very well and they validated our account book without any problem.”

“With this project, we have shown the technical feasibility of the project. Now we would like to scale up. But it takes political will to expand it.”

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