Dealbox just migrated two STO's from Stellar to Tezos

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 5 Dec 2020

Dealbox had issued two STO's on Stellar in the past, which are now migrated to Tezos with the help of Vertalo. (An STO is a security token, which is a regulated ICO.) Vertalo is one of the leaders in the world of digital assets. Vertalo emphasizes the value of blockchain to keep an auditable track record of ownership of shares and assets. Vertalo started out on Ethereum, but "found that to be too expensive in terms of gas. Transferring shares from 1 wallet to another could cost $50." Since that realization, Tezos has become the preferred chain for STO issuing for Vertalo. You can imagine that Vertalo was not disappointed when Tezos gas rates were even more reduced last month to 1/4th of the previous rates. This was a result of the fourth upgrade in since launch of mainnet. Basic transactions now cost 3,000 times less than a transactions on Ethereum on a good day. Tezos manages this without the need for any side chains or giving up parts of decentralization. Tezos is fully decentralized, even to core development levels.

Earlier this year, Transfer Agent Vertalo announced that they choose Tezos Over Ethereum for Security Token Development and made Tezos their default blockchain for STO issuance. “The company has chosen Tezos because its smart contract abilities are available in multiple programming languages, Hendricks said. He also cited Tezos’ rate of transactions per second, stable network of participants and the collateralization opportunities offered by being a proof-of-stake network.” 

That sentiment has not changed. "Tezos, a protocol that is rapidly becoming the global choice for managing programmable assets like tokenized securities. We are now in the process of tokenizing several other DealBox portfolio companies on Tezos and expect to list one of these major assets on a major US-based ATS in Q1 2021.” 

In the mean time, Dealbox is in the process of issuing 22 STO's with a total value of $200 million on Tezos.


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