After Cryptonomic launched Nautilus Cloud on Tezos, there is an opportunity to compare Tezos to Ethereum.

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 26 Nov 2019

Just over a week ago, Cryptonomic (known from Galleon, Minimax and Arronax) launched Nautilus Cloud Beta. "A full suite of tools to develop and deploy Tezos applications." It enables rapid and simplified development on Tezos.

"Nautilus Cloud is ultimately meant to be a cloud service for blockchains which allows companies, individual developers and course providers to get up and running without having to learn esoteric technical details or hire an in-house blockchain DevOps team."

Nautilus will eventually introduce JavaScript, Java, Python, Scala, .NET etc. for building with Tezos. Since Mautilus Cloud is a centralized service, Nautilus Core will be introduced at a later stage, which will make it possible to deploy your own infrastructure, ( by using the open source code of Nautilus) without being dependent on Nautilus Cloud. Eventually, Nautilus Cloud will be the platform to use for educational courses, prototyping dAPPs and promoting adoption.

On Twitter, @vishakh used the opportunity to compare Tezos with Ethereum and measure Tezos' progress. To summarize (credits to Vishakh):

  • Smart contract languages: Tezos' main smart contract language Michelson, is in many ways superior over the Ethereums EVM stack. Adding to that, Tezos has SmartPy and LIGO in development.
  • Frameworks: Truffle suite is the standard and Tezos is being incorporated.
  • Indexers: Ethereum has a ton of indexers. Tezos has quite a few too, with Conseil and TzStats as two popular sites. Quality-wise you could say there's a draw, but since Nautilus Cloud bundles indexer nodes for free, Tezos takes the advantage here.
  • Infrastructure: Pretty much everything on the Ethereum ecosystem runs off Infura. Tezos now has an equal with Nautulis Cloud. But once Nautulis Core is launched, Tezos will have decentralization added where Ethereum lacks decentralization. (Explained above, and in the Cryptonomic medium post.)
  • Libraries: ConseilJS, Taquito and others have brought Tezos on the same level as Ethereums web3.js and others.
  • Layer 2: Tezos is lacking here compared to Ethereum. But when Marigold is done for Tezos, the score should be leveled. (Marigold enables applications that scale. See more info here.
  • Fungible payments & storage: Since Ethereum is also reliant on IPFS / Filecoin, Tezos is on par by definition. However, stable coins like DAI and SAI are sorely needed. There are at least two Tezos stablecoins in the works. (For example USDTez.
  • Decentralized identity: Even though Civic doesn't seem to be able to figure out how to deal with the fluctuation of the $ proce of their token, which makes people writing the project off, Ethereum has Bloom. There is no such thing on Tezos as to date.
  • Adding to the list: Institutional grade smart contracts which make formal verification possible: Tezos takes the lead here, and when the NYX standard will be ready, I doubt there will be any project able to catch up with tezos as far as the security token market goes.
  • PoS: With LPoS, and 400+ nodes providing a huge decentralized ecosystem, Tezos takes the lead over any existing PoS chain. When Ethereum will have PoS implemented, they will still not be able to match the easy LPoS offers for users, Crypto exchanges and Stock exchanges (ETPs).
  • Governance: Tezos takes the lead here over all existing projects including Ethereum. Tezos' unique on-chain governance will make Tezos more predictable and gives an enormous advantage over hard forking platforms.

There is room for both and there will be entities that prefer the one over the other on different levels, but looking ahead, we can be sure there are exiting times in the near and long term future for Tezos.

Full comparison on twitter here
Follow @vishakh and @CryptonomicTech on twitter.

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