Starting NOW: 11 Days of +30% in Tips on #Publish0x - Bye bye 2020 Hello 2021!

Starting NOW: 11 Days of +30% in Tips on #Publish0x - Bye bye 2020 Hello 2021!

Even though 2020 wasn't the best of years for most of us, the festive spirit can already be felt around the globe... and it's no different at Publish0x.

We're celebrating the end of 2020 and the dawn of New Year 2021 in our own way...


Let's Celebrate the coming of 2021. with 30% Bigger Tips for 11 Full Days - Starting NOW!

Celebrating 2021 on Publish0x

Go ahead, give it a try and tip your favorite author now. :)


Happy New Year to all, and Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating it. :)


PS. This year is not done yet...


  • Expect a small event before the year ends. EDIT: Here it is - #Publish0xWinterMeme - a meme creation contest!
  • And a post summarizing what was going on with Publish0x in 2020 will be published in about a week as well! I'll go over what we've been through in the past year, and...
  • … in that post I will tease out a bit of info on a new tipping token that will come early in 2021. ;)




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