Publish0x Launches Fantom Network Integration - Starting with Statera $STA Tipping

Today I'm super excited to announce our foray into Fantom network.

Our on-chain transactions on the Ethereum network have been crippling us for a long time. Fantom will allow us to give more of the value to our community and avoid huge gas fees, while also having a growing, interesting DeFi suite and range of decentralised exchanges - Fantom is ALIVE!

What we are really excited about is our first token integration for tipping on the Fantom Network - Statera $STA. Statera $STA replaced $FARM for tipping!

The tips will be in STA on the Fantom Network (and we'll be continuing with AMPL tips on the Ethereum chain for now, although there are rumours that AMPL will soon be on the Fantom Network too!).

GET a 0.15 $FTM BONUS on Your First Withdrawal of Statera $STA!

For a limited time, we will be sending 0.15 $FTM as a bonus on top of your first Statera $STA withdrawal. This will be just enough gas (as Fantom Network transactions use FTM token for gas, obviously) to make a few transfers or DEX transactions.

Is the bonus still available? Go to the Payouts page from here, and look under "On-Chain Withdrawals" to see whether the bonus is still available.


How to Withdraw Statera from Publish0x (on EVERY Monday)?

You can withdraw Statera $STA from here - we will be sending payments on every Monday, just like with AMPL. The minimum withdrawal threshold for withdrawal is $0.5 in STA.

You can receive your STA to your Ethereum withdrawal address set up on the Fantom Network (it's the same address as your Ethereum address, and you can access it by using the same seedphrase / keys!). To do this, it is easiest to use Metamask, then click on "Ethereum Network" at the top and switch that to "Fantom Network".


Tutorial on How to Switch To / Add the Fantom Network to Metamask.

To add Fantom Network to your Metamask and use your old Ethereum address on the Fantom Network, open Metamask, then click on "Ethereum Network" at the top and switch that to "Fantom Network" by following this tutorial on Fantom's Website.


Tutorial on Adding Statera STA and WSTA tokens as Custom Tokens to Your Metamask.

To interact with your Statera STA tokens, you might then also need to import STA as a custom token on Metamask, by using the Contract Address for STA and WSTA tokens, as seen in the screenshot below:


  • STA Fantom Network Contract Address: 0x89d5e71e275b4be094df9551627bcf4e3b24ce22
  • WSTA Fantom Network Contract Address: 0xCEeBDE49eC95E21F7eE63C5c6f98CaB3519570de



  • Fantom Network uses FTM token for gas. Be careful not to make too many txs or you will run out of FTM for gas (although you could buy some more in a DEX. ;))
  • Remember, when you request your payout, if you have 100 STA, you will only receive 99, as 1% of the tokens are burnt in every transaction as a result of Statera's deflationary token mechanics.;)
  • Use FTMscan at rather than Etherscan to view your wallet. ;)

What Will Happen With $FARM Tokens that Were Not Withdrawn?

Statera $STA replaced $FARM for tipping. Make sure to request a withdrawal of your FARM tokens on or before Sunday, 27th of February, 6 PM UTC.

On Monday, the 28th of February, all of the FARM tokens that were not withdrawn will automatically be swapped to their corresponding value in Statera $STA tokens. In case you prefer this option, you do not need to take any action.


What is Statera?

Statera is a deflationary token which burns 1% of the tx with every transaction/purchase/buy/wrap/send.

Statera Core Utility

Statera's core utility is to fit inside multi asset trading pools and facilitate INCREASED trading - simply because each transaction triggers a burn of STA, which rebalances the pool token amounts, so each individual trade for Statera creates arbitrage opportunities for both bots and humans, which results in trade volume increasing across the whole Statera ecosystem. This in turn results in higher fees paid being paid to liquidity providers.

Another way of describing this process could be called “Volume Farming” and is exactly what makes Statera unique amongst DEFI projects.

For example the core fund right now is called the "Dante Symphony" on Beethovenx - it contains 5 tokens - BTC,ETH,FTM,BEETS,WSTA 

Statera Dante Symphony Pool

Why Statera? 

Statera was previously only available on the Ethereum Blockchain, but has recently gone cross chain onto the Fantom Network, where it can really thrive due to much lower transaction fees. Previously it was really crippled as it relied on trade volume and if a single swap cost $60, then an arbitrage trade needed to be possible for $61 or more for it to happen. Now gas fees are only $0.06, so an arbitrage trade only needs to be $0.07 value for it to be feasible - and so a LOT MORE arbitrage trade is happening. 

"STA and wSTA’s composability dramatically increases the opportunity for arbitrage, trading fees, and profit for liquidity partners when paired with any token"

Statera Man

Statera is starting to come back to life and thrive again, and we are excited to be part of Statera's second life in the Fantom ecosystem.

We'll be sending you some $STA, and teaching you about $WSTA - the wrapped Statera which goes into Beethovenx pools - getting you involved in the Beethoven funds/pools as Statera expands and makes waves across the Fantom ecosystem.

There's possibly not a better "friend token" which can fit in with ANY token on the Fantom ecosystem, to pair up with it or multi pool up with it in exchanges to increase trade volume, visibility, and to earn more profit/fees for the investors who pair it up with their projects. 

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