Publish0x June Update - What We've Been Up To in the Past Month

By igort | Publish0x Official Blog | 5 Jul 2019

Time passed so quickly after our Publish0x May Update post was published. And we've been busy. I'll start this post by anouncing our first writing contests and our search for a part time VA, before updating you on what we've been up to in the past month.


First Writing Contest on Publish0x has Just Started - Prize Pool is $200 in ETH!

Our first writing competition, #ShowYourPortfolio, has just started and will end next Friday, 12th of July. Prize pool is $200 in ETH, to be split between three winners.

The idea of #ShowYourPortfolio is to showcase your cryptocurrency holdings with our community and provide a reasoning behind the choice of your investments. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a crypto veteran, everyone is welcome to participate!


The competition is for authors only. Not an author? No problem! Apply by clicking here, mention the #ShowYourPortfolio competition, and we will approve you ASAP! Contact us on Telegram: or [email protected] if there are any issues.

More info about the #ShowYourPortfolio Contest can be found by clicking HERE.


Looking for a Part Time VA - is it YOU?

We're looking for a VA with previous experience to help us out part time. We need help with tasks like sharing chosen articles on various social media sites and forums, helping us fill and organize our spreadsheets and similar tasks.

We are flexible with this, and our rough estimate is that the role would require you to work between 20 and 60 hours a month to start with.


If you know someone who would be interested in this role and fits the requirements, please point them to this document:


Are you ready to join our team?

On to what we've done in the last month:


1. We've optimised the Website to Load (much) Quicker.

Publish0x should load much quicker now due to the speed optimisation our developers have done. The most notable being the implementation of lazyload and webp.

When lazyload is used, images are only loaded when they are needed. Webp is a new web image format that reduces the size of the images, resulting in increased pageload speed.

Before your images load, you will see these placeholders that load really fast (and that we will change soon for some we like more).


2. Mobile and Desktop Updates for the Editor - Resources Section, Image Size Recommendations and Image Resizing.

We've made multiple changes to the editor. Authors can now have an easier time publishing articles, especially on mobile.


Resources Section and How to Use It

An important change is the addition of a resources section, where you can add a link to the original source of the article, so that it's obvious where the article is from.

Please note that we still can't allow you to copy articles written by other people unless you have permission to do so, even if you add a source.



Image Size Recommendations

Now every time you create a new blog or a new post, you will see the recommended sizes for images to use; This was something that was requested very often, and we've finally settled on a standard size that will be used for the foreseeable future.


Image Resizing

When you upload an image, you can click on it's edge and drag your mouse to resize it so it fits the look you want your post to achieve.


3. Facelift of Article Pages, Author Pages and Blog Pages.

We've made visual improvements to how data looks on authors and blog pages, as well as on articles.

  • When you look at an author via his authors page, you can now see the date when an author joined Publish0x, as well as how many followers they have.
  • Articles look much better in my opinion. Apart from the visual differences, you can now get an estimate of how long it will take to read an article. And if you're curious, you can now see a complete breakdown of tips an article has earned.


More Visual Improvements: Night Mode Publish0x Theme.

You can now change the themes between this default White Theme, a Dark Grey one, and a Black Theme ideal for AOLED displays. You can do so by accessing your Dashboard, and navigating to the Settings -> Appearance menu.


4. Stats and Growth in June.

June is comparable to May as far as our growth goes. We've focused on other areas and not strictly on growth for the past couple of months, so the overall growth is very encouraging...


click on the image to see it in full size


We've also been making steady improvements on Alexa stats, going from being ranked 96,277th most popular website in the world, to 76,188th at the time of writing this article!




5. We are Yet to Grow - New Team Members Joined Publish0x!

Our team consisted of six people full time since the beginning, including three developers, one designer, and the two of us working on operations and marketing.

Now, we have two new additions to the team, who will focus on content and SEO to start with. On top of this, we are looking for a part time VA (look near the top of the post for more details). Expect changes and quick growth of the platform once all the plans are set in motion!



Our new team members don't have their avatars made yet. In case you're wondering, yes, this is exactly how we look like in real life. :)


Finally, we've made multiple smaller changes; these include improved the filters on the site so you have more ways to look through content, and we have done a lot of groundwork for future updates to the Platform.


I hope that you've enjoyed this update. As always, we love to hear from our community. The best place to let us know what you think we should improve is to email us - [email protected] or to join our Telegram group -



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