Publish0x August 2019 Update: Author Centered Update including Autosave and Improved Blog Creation Process
Publish0x August 2019 Update: Author Centered Update including Autosave and Improved Blog Creation Process

It's time for another update! Here's what we've been up to in August, how Publish0x growth is progressing and what's next?


Publish0x August Update is Completely Centered on Authors.

We are constantly making improvements to the site, and during August this was no different. Here are the updates we've made, almost all of which are focused on blogs and post writing.

If you'd like to become an author, you can apply here. We check applications each day.


1. We've Reworked the Blog Creation and the Blog Edit Pages.

Creating a blog is now easier than ever. Step 1: Choose the name and the description of your blog...



... followed by Step 2: Selecting your blogs thumbnail and header images. That's it.



PS. The 'Edit Blog Authors' link allows you to invite other authors to publish posts in one of your blog. This is a great tool for those looking to collaborate in some way. For example, we've invited multiple authors to publish posts in the BAT Fans blog, which is a great place for anyone interested in learning more about BAT and Brave.


2. We've Also Reworked the Post Edit Page.

When preparing a post for publishing, it is now more convenient to do everything that isn't writing. It's now easier to select a blog to which you want to publish posts to (users are limited to creating three blogs atm), to select the cover image and know the appropriate dimensions, and to add resources and tags to your posts.




3. On Top of That, Authors Now Have an Edit Button Directly on Their Posts.

This button is visible on top of the page, above the title.




4. Authors Can Moderate Comments on Their Own Posts.

All authors can now remove comments on their own posts. The text "This comment was deleted by the post author..." will replace the text the comment had in it previously.

We've had to take this measure as we often get reports from authors as some users tend to "hijack" posts by spamming in the comments section. While we do check comments each day, as well as all reports made by our users, sometimes it can take a while.



5. Autosave is Active!

Autosave saves your posts while you are writing them, so there is almost no chance of losing your work. I still suggest people write out the text of their posts in an editor like Notepad++ which saves the text even if your laptop resets, for maximum security.



6. Comments Have Double Spacing.

It's hard to believe that comment's didn't have double spacing for the last few months. It was changed in August.



Publish0x Growth and Stats in August.

We are very pleased with the growth Publish0x had over the last month.


Publish0x is Close to Being Among the 30,000 Most Popular Websites in the World, According to




Mid August, we've celebrated the 500,000th time a post was tipped! That number is over 610,000 today.





We are nearing 20,000 registered accounts!




And our traffic has grown significantly. Publish0x was visited 199,619 times in August, compared to 83,179 visits in July!




What's Next for Publish0x?

Here are a few things that you can look forward to in the near future.


Additional Publish0x Official Blogs.

We often publish posts relating to Publish0x, but many of these have a different purpose. So, we've decided to keep this blog purely for updates relating to the platform, such as this post.

But, there will be other blogs too. For now, a total of four official blogs are planned.


Publish0x Labs.

This is a blog where we show case studies. The primary audience for these are our partners and advertisers, both current and future ones.

You can read Publish0x Labs Blog here.




Publish0x Tutorials.

I will make an effort to create multiple tutorial posts to help explain Publish0x, and I will publish them in this blog.

The posts will range in topics from 'How to Create a Blog', 'How to Format a Post', to 'How to Gain Maximum Visibility for Your Posts' and 'How to Earn Crypto on Publish0x'.

You can follow Publish0x Tutorials Blog here.




Publish0x Contests.

The previous two writing contests have had an excellent response from our authors, and there will be many more to come! This blog will contain contest announcements - from announcements of new contests, to announcements of contest winners.

The Publish0x Contests Blog can be found here.




... and More Contests to Come - Ambassador Contests!

While we love hosting writing contests, we are working hard to significantly improve the ambassadors area. We will gamify it, add leaderborads, and hold ambassadors contests. When this is ready, you will be the first to know about it. :)




I hope that you've enjoyed this update. As always, we love to hear from our community. The best place to let us know what you think we should improve is to email us - or to join our Telegram group - - it is now over 1,000 members strong!






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