Publish0x April Update

Publish0x April Update

Hi Publish0x community.

Here's a short (but sweet) update form us on what we've been up to in the last month, and what you can expect in the near future.



1. We've added our first new token - HYDRO is the main token for April!

Apart from adding HYDRO as the new main tipping token, we've increased total rewards given out in USD value by 50%, and then again by 50% mid April. HYDRO is likely to remain the main tipping token for another two to three weeks.


2. We've added the report button for posts...

... and some of you are already using it to help our team moderate the site. Thank you!




3. We've Improved the Ambassadors Area.

We've improved the Ambassadors area by adding more stats, and the option to use TIDs for your links.

Tracking IDs (TIDs) help you figure out where the users you are recruiting are coming from. For example, you can use a separate one when inviting your users from Facebook, vs when inviting your users on a bulletin board - forum.

You can check the Ambassadors area here.


4. We've Added a Hybrid version of the Endless Scroll.

When you check recently published posts, now you can just scroll down and more articles will load instantly, instead of having to click on the next page. We've limited the endless scroll to a few pages, especially on mobile. If you scroll down a lot, you'll eventually have to hit the "View More" posts button, so it isn't really an endless scroll, but more of a hybrid model.



5. Improved Site Search.

We've also made significant improvements to the site's search functionality. Now you can enter your search phrase and search by posts, blogs, users or tags. Try it out and let us know how you like it.




6. We're Growing Further!

A few days ago we've hit a milestone... 100,000 tips were given by our users in $BNTY and $HYDRO!



And our userbase has (more than) doubled in the last month, which we're very happy with!



7. What's Coming Next.

Of course, this isn't all we've done. We're focusing on and improving a lot of things daily. Here's what you can expect in the next few weeks:




  • Introduction of the Category System, so you can find posts you want to read much more easily.
  • We're integrating a CoinGecko Widget, so that you can show live crypto stats imported directly from CoinGecko!
  • We're constantly improving our fraud detection system. And a note on this--I've read a few comments about Publish0x on various websites that state that it's easy to create a few accounts and tip your own content. I would strongly urge users against doing this, as we easily spot this type of fraud and stop it. Doing this will just waste both your time and ours.
  • A staking system is coming in the near future, though maybe not as soon as the other updates. This won't be anything like on other sites. Instead, you can stake a bit of an token, BNTY, and get benefits while browsing our site. We haven't made a final decision on the list of benefits one can expect, but these might include earning higher tips (by 20% - 50% or even 100%), not having to deal with the captcha and featuring your post on the homepage or on top of a category for a period of time. The best thing? You get all of the tokens you've staked returned back to you once the smart contract expires!


Hope you've enjoyed this update. As always, feel free to join the community on Telegram - and follow us on Twitter - @Publish0x.




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