New Payout Schedule + Payout Stats from November 2020

New Payout Schedule + Payout Stats from November 2020

We have a new payout schedule! And we want to share payout stats form the last month with you. :)

Here's a TLDR of what this announcement is about:

  • AMPL will be paid out weekly. Next $AMPL only payout date: Monday, December 14th.
  • Next payout date for all tokens (and last chance to cash out LRC before it's converted into AMPL - make sure to make an LRC payout request on or before the 14th of Dec): Monday, December 21st.
  • Check out the payout stats for the last month - this is how much $AMPL, $ETH, $LRC, and $BAT we've sent you!


1. Weekly $AMPL Payouts.

Here's a message from Publish0x founder, Dan:



"... genuinely excited to have $AMPL tips on @Publish0x. *and usually we do monthly payouts but because the rebase is daily we are moving to weekly payouts in $AMPL as things change fast and there is a lot happing in the Ampleforth universe right now :)"


As Dan said, we will be sending you $AMPL payouts weekly. The next payout date for AMPL is December 7th. The minimum withdrawal for $AMPL tokens is $0.5 in AMPL value, while it's still a $1 minimum withdrawal for ETH and BAT.


2. Next Payout Date for All Tokens: Monday, December 21st.



We've switched our payout cycle from weekly to monthly back in September. This was done because ETH gas fees at the time were at insane levels.

We don't yet feel comfortable switching fully back to weekly payments, but we do want to make another payout of all tokens before the holiday season starts and this year ends...

The next payout date for all tokens will be on Monday, December 21st, 2020!


3. Here's How Much We've Sent During November's Payouts.

We've sent two recent payouts - we've sent you $AMPL on December 2nd, and now we've sent all tokens to our users. Here are some more detailed stats:



In total, we've sent 6,933 transactions to our users, worth $15,850 at the time of publishing this.

  • 353 $AMPL to 401 users on Dec 2nd.
  • 711 $AMPL to 740 users on Dec 8th (for a total of 1,064 $AMPL).
  • 16.817 $ETH to 2,831 users on Dec 8th.
  • 16,978 $LRC to 1,504 users on Dec 8th
  • 11,592 $BAT to 1,457 users on Dec 8th.



You can see transaction hashes of all of the payouts we send, on EtherScan, here.


I hope you've enjoyed this quick update!






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