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Affiliate Leaderboard Launch - $230 In Prizes for January

In January 2020, we have launched an addition to our ambassador / affiliate program - a monthly affiliate leaderboard, with extra $ prizes for the top affiliates each month. The competition is now LIVE! 

To kick off - in January 2020 we had $230 in extra prizes to the affiliates who refer the most new *active users.

You can see the live leaderboard and the currently active contest and it's rewards here. Below you can see a snapshot of the leaderboards when our first ever Ambassadors Leaderboards contest was launched, back in January 2020.

Publish0x affiliate leaderboard

* Prizes will be paid in a token that is active on Publish0x; We will pay this months winners a few days into the following month, at the value that the token has at that point in time. See which tokens are active here, in the payments section of Publish0x.

** Active users: To combat fraud, only "referrals who have reached our minimal activity threshold" will be counted for the Monthly Leaderboard Competition. This means that the referrals on your own dashboard might show a higher number than the number you see next to your name on the leaderboard, and sorry we can't explain any further what counts as active (also to prevent fraud), but if you are a real affiliate, referring genuine users, you will be credited.

Banners and "Widgets" for Affiliates

We also have Banners and customisable widgets which you can export with your affiliate ID inside.

On the widget you can pick either tags or blogs which you wish to show in a feed.


As these tags / blogs get added to from any user across the Publish0x network your widget will update with new articles - all embedded with your affiliate ID, and the code is easy to grab right on the page.


Good luck!

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Dan Bainbridge
Dan Bainbridge Official Team Member

Dan Bainbridge is the founder of Publish0x, he is an angel investor and blockchain enthusiast.

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