Fast and cheeky dog coin zerro fees and smart contracts!

VINU fast and cheeky dog coin zero fees and smart contracts!

By ispan | publish0x_news | 23 Nov 2021


VINU coin airdrop

What is VINU?

Vita Inu Coin (VINU) is a meme token created on the Vite blockchain. It was created in 2021 by one of the co-founders of the Vino community.

The vino comunity is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) enthusiasts was initially set up for bridge between Vite and Nano. VINU is the worlds first fast dog coin with zero fees and smart contracts, and has the potential to bring people into the Vite ecosystem by the fun way!

VINU will be paired up with the ViNo Snapshot Block Producer (SBP). Voting for ViNo grants daily Vite and VINU rewards

The total supply of VINU is 1 quadrillion. No more than this amount will ever exist. 

Vinu's philosophy is to have fun, make new friends, and learn all about one of the greatest technological revolutions of our lifetimes – cryptocurrency!

Distribution freely to the public 25% of the total supply and 25% to the team, and rest 50% will be distributed in DAO and burns.



How do I participate and get free VINU coins?

Join do the VINU community discord now and you could:

Get $VINU rewards every day to those who participate in the community. Create posts, memes, enter contests, help a fellow doggo in need, or even tip other people with your own tokens and it might rain $VINU on you!

Giveaways and events. Enter our $VINU giveaways on Discord by checking the #giveaways channel. There are also weekly Twitter contests.

$VINU can be collected for free at our Faucet website too.

$VINU is distributed to everyone that votes for the ViNo Community Node SBP

And finally staking (Coming Soon)

$VINU will be available both as a staking reward and as a token you can stake to earn a different reward.


Where can I trade VINU?

You can trade by the VINU/VITE pair on VITEX – the decentralized exchange fully integrated into your VITE wallet.


Join to VINU community and have fun!




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