#myAMPLrebase - $AMPL Mini Twitter Competition Announcement! $100 in Prizes to 5 Winners!

#myAMPLrebase - $AMPL Mini Twitter Competition Announcement! $100 in Prizes to 5 Winners!

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Contests | 4 Dec 2020

Hi, this is a mini twitter contest just for those who have already got your $AMPL payout from Publish0x on Tuesday! We will likely run a similar contest again after December 7th payouts.


Did you keep your AMPL or sell it? You've now had 2 or 3 full positive rebases. If you've kept it! ;)


#myAMPLrebase - $20 in AMPL to 5 Users Who Tweet About Their Payout by Sunday!


If you did keep your AMPL, then show your wallet balance and tweet it out - with this, you can get one of 5x $20 in AMPL rewards. To participate:


1. Take a screenshot from Etherscan showing what you received and how much $AMPL you have today.

Here's how to find it easily:

The screenshot should look like this:



2. Do the math and share what increase in AMPL that is in just 2 or 3 days! :)

Calculate what kind of an % increase you've seen in your AMPL balance since you've gotten the payout from Publish0x.

I've done the math and calculated the % increase in my AMPL balance here.



3. Tweet it out using #myAMPLrebase hashtag, and tag @Publish0x.

Here's an example tweet:

I've gotten 100 $AMPL from @Publish0x on Tuesday - they were worth $145, and now I have 117.30756743 $AMPL currently worth $188.87! That's a 17% increase in number of tokens!

Here's a screenshot of my AMPL balance on Etherscan #myAMPLrebase.


The above is just an example of a tweet you can send out.


That's it!


We will pick winners at random from those who tweet this out! 5x users will get $20 in AMPL each, for a total of $100 in AMPL rewards.

AMPL will be added to your Publish0x balance once we select the winners - on Sunday. That means that you can immediately make a withdrawal from Publish0x, and get your funds on Monday!


PS. If you need any help with this, reply to this email and we will help you take part in this mini AMPL Twitter Giveaway.


Igor Tomić
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