#BinanceFARMer Writing Contest and Giveaway: $1,000 in $iFARM Prizes!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 12 Apr 2021

It's time for another Harvest.Finance contest; this contest is similar to #CropSpotter contest, but #BinanceFARMer contest puts focus on farming the Harvest.Finance strategies on Binance Smart Chain, instead of those on the Ethereum network.

This contest is unique, as we will also be rewarding authors who either publish, or ideally republish their contest entries on other platforms like , Medium, Hive, LBRY (Odysee), Steemit, Read.Cash, etc.


#BinanceFARMer Contest: How to Earn $iFARM for Writing and Tweeting about Harvest.Finance?


Here's an overview of the ways you can earn iFARM for writing and tweeting by participating in the #BinanceFARMer contest. If you want more details on any of the following points, scroll below:

*Note: The rewards pool is a minimum of $1,000 in iFARM. We usually increase the pool and end up giving larger prizes!

1. Writing a post for the contest on Publish0x.

  • Rewards Pool: $700 in iFARM, split between 5 to 12 authors.

2. You can also earn your share of $700 in iFARM by publishing the post on other platforms like Medium, LBRY (Odysee), Steemit, Hive, Read.Cash, and others (details below)!

If you republish your Publish0x contest post to other platforms and leave a link to your Publish0x post as the source, you are eligible to win...

  • Extra Rewards from the Rewards Pool: $100 - $200 in iFARM extra rewards are available for authors who republish their posts on other platforms and link to their post on Publish0x as the source (original)!

3. Get Lucky! We will reward 5 lucky authors on Publish0x with a total of $50 in iFARM.

  • Rewards Pool: $50 in iFARM.

4. Earn just by tweeting about the contest (details below).

  • Rewards Pool: $50 in iFARM.

5. Earn by tweeting your post about the contest - extra rewards available for authors who Tweet out their posts (details below)!

  • Rewards Pool: Up to $100 in iFARM, split between 5 authors.


RULES of the #BinanceFARMer Writing Contest.

Russia Russian Farming GIF

  • Submit your entry into the contest between today and the deadline on Sunday, 25th of April.
  • Videos are also accepted. You can record a LBRY or a Youtube video, embed it into your article on Publish0x, write a short intro to your post, and link to the article from the Youtube video description.
  • The article you enter the contest with has to be your own original work. We will not accept copy / pasted, spun or translated submissions.
  • When you're done writing the article, publish it in your blog and make sure to use the tag BinanceFARMer (in case of, use the tag BinanceFARMer without the hashtag, as you cannot use hashtags when you tag posts on Publish0x).
  • That's it!


1. #BinanceFARMer Contest Topic: Why Should You Farm Binance Smart Chain [strategy_name] on Harvest Finance?

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  • Pick a Binance Smart Chain farm on Harvest.Finance. Where to get a Binance Smart Chain strategy (pool) from? On the Harvest.Finance website!
  • Choose and do your favorite strategy using Harvest.Finance, or let us know which one you would like to choose.
  • Ideally, make screenshots which you will use on your blog on Publish0x.
  • Tweet about your post, and tag @Publish0x, @harvest_finance, AND whichever project you farmed on Twitter. Sample Tweet: "I farmed @VenusProtocol using @harvest_finance for 61.48% APY - here is my post about it on @Publish0x: [Link to Your Post]." - If you win one of the awards, or your tweet gets good reach, we will add extra rewards for Tweeting (up to $100 in iFARM total, and up to 5 authors will be rewarded - $20 in iFARM is the minimum extra reward per author!).


Sample topics you can write about include:

  • I Farmed [token_name] on Harvest Finance for X% APY
    I Farmed at [platform name] using Harvest Finance for X% APY
  • Why Should You Farm DAI on Venus by using Harvest Finance?
  • Is it Worth Farming USDT-BNB on Pancake via Harvest Finance?
  • 3 Reasons Why Should You Farm the bDollar platform pairs on Harvest Finance.

Give it a try, gas on Binance Smart Chain is low!


Need Help Getting Started With This Contest? Read the following and get more ideas!


2. Publish or Republish Your Post on Platforms like Medium, LBRY (Odysee), Hive, Steemit, Read.Cash, and others, and Get Rewarded!

John Deere Farm GIF by Anchor Point

  • That's right! You can publish your #BinanceFARMer entry on other platforms too, and still be eligible for the rewards!
  • Or, if publish your post on Publish0x first, and then re-publish your Publish0x contest post on other platforms, you can get extra rewards!
  • Rewards will be given out based on post quality, and the reach your posts get on other platforms.

Other platforms include, but are not limited to: Medium, LBRY (Odysee), Hive, Read.Cash, Steemit, … and others.


If you republish your Publish0x contest post to other platforms and link to your Publish0x post as the source (original), you are eligible to win one of the Extra Rewards from the Rewards Pool: $100 - $200 in iFARM extra rewards for authors who republish their posts on other platforms!


IMPORTANT! In case you decide to either publish, or republish your entry on other platforms, please share your link in the comments on this post, so that we can keep track of it!


3. Get Lucky! Five Lucky Authors on Publish0x Share $50 in iFARM!

Fun Friends GIF by moonbug

5 lucky authors who publish an eligible post in the #BinanceFARMer writing contest on Publish0x, and win no other reward, will be rewarded with $10 in iFARM each. Just do it. :)


4. #BinanceFARMer Twitter Giveaway - $50 in iFARM to Be Split Between 10 Users.

Social Media Twitter Gif By RealitytvGIF

We've prepared $50 in iFARM rewards for the #BinanceFARMer Twitter Giveaway. The $50 in iFARM rewards for the Twitter Giveaway will be split between 10 users with $5 in iFARM each.

The rewards will be split between users who:

  • Tweet a tweet using the hashtag #BinanceFARMer and follow and tag both @Publish0x and Harvest Finance @harvest_finance Twitter accounts.
  • Write the most original tweets in our estimation.
  • Just follow the Twitter Giveaway rules and get lucky!
  • At least 4 of the Twitter rewards will go to authors who participate in this contest and tweet their post to the world!

Note: Your Twitter account has to be older than a month, and you need to have at least 20 followers and 10 tweets in the past year. You need to tweet out your tweet between today and 25th of April.

In case you win a prize in the Twitter contest and your usernames are different on Twitter and Publish0x, don't worry. In that case, we will simply send you a DM on Twitter asking your for your username on Publish0x, and then you will get the reward!


5. Up to Extra $100 in iFARM Available for Five Authors Who Tweet out Their Post!

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Authors who tweet about their post in the following way, can earn extra prizes (up to $100 in iFARM total):

We will be deciding who gets these extra rewards based on the relative strength of your Twitter account, as well as the reach that your tweet gets. We will be rewarding up to 5 authors with this prize, so that means a minimum of an extra $20 in iFARM!



Hold Your Horses, What is Harvest Finance🚜?



How Will the Winners Be Paid?

Pay Day Love GIF

The winners will receive the funds to their accounts on Publish0x a few days and up to a couple of weeks after the contest is over. We will create a separate post announcing the winners and just before we do, the rewards will be added to the winning posts, or added directly to user accounts.


How Can I Participate in the Writing Contest if I'm Not Author on Publish0x?

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Don't worry, we've got you covered! Simply apply for authorship at or shoot our support an email at [email protected] and let us know that you'd like to be a part of #BinanceFARMer writing contest. We'll make sure to get back to you extra fast. :)

Alternatively, publish your post on a platform like Medium, LBRY (Odysee), Hive, Steemit, Read.Cash, or similar, and leave a link to your entry into the comments!


PS. We pay out our users on-chain or directly to KuCoin regularly. The payout schedule can be seen here. And you can check the on-chain payout transaction hashes coming from Publish0x here:


Got questions? Ask them in the comments, in our Telegram group, or write to [email protected]



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