#BestDApp #Publish0x Writing Contest - $400 in BAT Prizes (15 Winners)!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 26 Nov 2019

Welcome to the 4th Publish0x Writing Contest - #BestDApp. The reward pool for this contests is the biggest yet. The reward is twice as big as the usual, and amounts to $400. We've also significantly increased the number of people that will receive a reward; the reward will be split between 15 authors, instead of just 3! (see the rewards breakdown below)

This will also be the contest that runs the longest. We will be accepting submissions for over three weeks! The winners will be announced just before Christmas.

The BestDApp contest is super simple: Showcase your favorite DApp! It does not matter which chain the DApp is on (ETH, Tron, EOS, ONT, etc...), or what the DApp is about - it could be a game, a portfolio tracker, a wallet, a gambling DApp or even an decentralized exchange - it all works for this contest. If you're not sure which DApp to choose, sites like DappRadar can help you out.




#BestDApp Contest Prize Pool - $400 in BAT.

Here's how the $400 in BAT will be distributed:

  • 1st placed articles will receive $100 in $BAT
  • 2nd placed articles will receive $60 in $BAT
  • 3rd placed articles will receive $40 in $BAT
  • 4th and 5th placed articles will receive $30 each ($60 total)
  • 6th to 9th placed articles will receive $20 each ($80 total)
  • 10th to 15th placed articles will receive $10 each ($60 total)



#BestDApp Contest Rules and Deadline.



#BestDApp Contest Deadline.

The contests starts on Wednesday, 27th of November, and submissions are accepted until Friday, 20th of December. We will announce the winners before Christmas 2019.


#BestDApp Contest Rules:

  • Write about your favorite DApp. The post can be about any DApp, be it a game, a wallet, a portfolio tracker, an decentralized exchange... and it doesn't matter on which chain (ETH, Tron, EOS, ONT, etc...) the DApp you write about is.
  • Videos are also accepted. You can record a Youtube video, embed it into your article on Publish0x, write a short intro to your DApp analysis, and link to the article from the Youtube video description.
  • The article you enter the contest with has to be your own original work. We will not accept copy / pasted, spun or translated submissions.
  • When you're done writing the article, publish it in your Publish0x blog and use the tag #BestDApp, and also include the phrase "BestDApp" into the article title, so we have an easier time finding your post.
  • Submit your article between Wednesday, November 27th and before the deadline on Friday, December 20th.
  • That's it!


What if I'm Not an Author?

Before you can write posts on Publish0x, we need to approve you as an author. If you want to be a part of this contest, simply let us know that the reason for the application is to take part in the #BestDApp writing contest when you're applying for authorship at https://www.publish0x.com/become - we will make sure to check and approve these authorship applications extra fast.


How Will the Winners be Chosen?



We will choose the winners by Monday, December 23rd. We will select the articles we find have covered the topic best. In my mind, quality submissions are the articles that:

  • Are your own original work.
  • Are easy to read and are nicely formatted.
  • Follow all of the contest rules.
  • Articles in which the author has described the DApp, how it works, and the DApps upsides and the downsides. Original graphics are always a plus.

That's it!



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