$200 in $BAT Publish0x Writing Contest: #SwitchToBrave

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 11 Aug 2019

Hey Publish0x Community,

The first contest we've held a few weeks back went really well. Almost 50 of you have let the community know why you're holding the tokens that you're holding, and you can read the articles submitted in the ShowYourPortfolio contests here.


PS. The winners of the SwitchToBrave contest were announced here.


SwitchToBrave Writing Contest - $200 in BAT Prize Pool


Now it's time for the next contest. One that will focus on BAT, and the best browser there is - the Brave Browser.

We love Brave. It's not just faster than Chrome, but it is a browser with an inbuilt ad-blocker that cares about your privacy. On top of that, it's built on the same engine as Chrome is, so using Brave will feel very familiar; It's easy to import all of your settings, including bookmarks, and you can use all of your Chrome browser extensions too.


The SwitchToBrave Contest is Simple


Show us a screenshot of your favorite crypto site (or any site!) when viewed with Google Chrome (or your current browser), VS when the website is viewed with the Brave Browser, and let us know why you think others should SwitchToBrave, or in case you have counter arguments - why one shouldn't download Brave.

If you don't have it yet, download the Brave Browser here.

Ideally, disable the ad-blockers that Google is seemingly desperate to make obsolete. This will show the start difference between how your favorite website looks with, against how it looks without a clutter of ads. I've compared CoinMarketCap when viewed from Chrome VS when viewed from Brave Browser - you can see the results in the screenshots near the bottom of this article.

Not an author? No problem! Apply by clicking here, mention the SwitchToBrave competition, and we will approve you ASAP! Contact us via [email protected] if there are any issues.


SwitchToBrave Contest Deadline



Articles for the SwitchToBrave contest can be submitted from Monday, August 12th - to Friday, August 23rd.


The Prize Pool is $200 in total in Basic Attention Token - $BAT!

Here's how the $200 in BAT will be distributed:

  • 1st place receives $100 in $BAT
  • 2nd place receives $60 in $BAT
  • 3rd place receives $40 in $BAT


How Will the Winners Be Chosen?


Winners will be chosen by Team Publish0x by Monday, August 26th. The articles judged the best by our team will win the contest.

A quality article is one that:

  • Is easy to read and is nicely formatted.
  • Follows all of the contest rules.
  • Is your original work.
  • If you don't have the Brave Browser yet, download it here.
  • PS. Our designer has created a number of images intended to get you to SwitchToBrave. Take a look at SwitchToBrave - Chrome vs Brave images here.

It's that simple!

Contest Rules

  • The article you enter into the competition has to be your own original work. No copied and pasted articles will be accepted.
  • The article has to show a screenshot of a website in Chrome (or any other browser you're using) VS a screenshot of the same website when viewed with the Brave BrowserOur designer has created a number of images intended to get you to SwitchToBrave. Take a look at SwitchToBrave - Chrome vs Brave images here.
  • Include the SwitchToBrave tag into the post and include that phrase in the article title. Without this we won’t be able to find your post.
  • Submit your article between now AND before the deadline.
  • PS. Get the Brave Browser from here.


What if I'm Not an Author?

If you're not already an author on Publish0x, you can apply for authorship here: https://www.publish0x.com/become Let us know that the reason you're applying for authorship is to take part in the SwitchToBrave contest, so we can approve your application extra fast!


Sample Article to Help You. Model it, If You're Out of Ideas.

Z, one of our more quieter team members (thus far) has written a sample article for SwitchToBrave contest, that you can model if you'd like. Read it here.



I've compared CoinMarketCap when viewed from Chrome, VS when viewed from Brave Browser

Even though my preference is for CoinGecko over CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko had surprisingly few ads, so would make a less interesting comparison.


Below is a screenshot of CoinMarketCap when viewed with Chrome from my desktop VS when viewed with Brave from my desktop. Notice a clutter of ads on Chrome (3 huge ads) and lack of them in Brave (0 ads!)



PS. You can make a single side by side image like this one in Pixlr Express.


I hope that many of you will take part in this contest, as I personally love the Brave Browser. Brave has become my main browser recently, and has already saved me a tone of time. Try the Brave Browser today. You'll be happy you did!


Time I saved and ads blocked thanks to the Brave Browser.


As always, join the Publish0x Telegram community, or write to us via [email protected] if you have a support related inquiry.

PS. Extra love from me if you tweet out your article using the hashtag #SwitchToBrave :)


Good luck to you all!




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