We Dip Again, Remain Calm

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 13 May 2021


Today the market had a big dip again, with millions of orders of BTC being liquidated the market suffered. 

In this particular moments you have to remain calm and don't jump into conclusions, this dips always bring people to say that the bear market is coming. We can't say for sure but this dips have happened before and the market recovered in a big way. This may just be a stage where market corrects itself nothing more.

As you know Elon Musk has made an impact in this market and he doesn't accept BTC anymore because of the environment, BTC spends a lot of energy even more than some countries. He said he is looking for alternatives, what comes to my mind right now is NANO, a green coin and somewhat it flourished even with a market dip. Maybe these are to things tha came together Musk and NANO.

I want to bring to your attention the AltSeason we are having, BTC is 42% of the market right now, a very low value.

What does it means?

Altcoins continue to gain traction against BTC, this can turn very bullish for Altcoins and BTC aswell.

Remain calm and always do your own research, panic makes you lose money don't forget about that.

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Public Thoughts

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