The patron of 4 May - Saint Florian

By ptaku | ptaku | 4 May 2019

4 May The Catholic Church mentions Saint Florian - guardian and patron of fireman's, as well as steelworkers and chimney sweepers.

Legendary messages about the life of Saint Florian say that he was born around 250 in the city of Zeiselaumer near Vienna, where he was brought up in the Catholic faith. When he grew up, he became a soldier. He was the commander of the Roman troops stationed at Mantem, and later held the duties of an imperial official at Lauriacum. During the persecution of Christians during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, Florian was captured during the attempt to release 40 Christians from prison. He was condemned to be scourged, and later with a stone at his neck he was drowned in the River Enns. He was murdered on May 4, 304.

On the same day, 40 Christian prisoners were murdered, whom Florian wanted to save. Their remains were discovered during the excavations in Lorch before World War II. After some time, a monastery and a Benedictine church were built over Florian's grave. In 1184, at the request of Prince Kazimierz the Just (son of Bolesław Krzywousty), a significant part of the relics of Saint Florian were brought to Krakow, and placed in a specially built church at Kleparz. In 1528, a large part of Krakow burnt in the fire, only the temple at Kleparz was saved. From that moment on, Saint Florian was recognized as a guardian against fire in all of Poland. During the following centuries, Saint Florian became one of the most popular saints in Poland, as evidenced by his numerous paintings in churches, and statues in roadside chapels. In 1437, Saint Florian was officially recognized as the patron of the Kingdom of Poland. Saint Florian is depicted as a Roman officer with a bucket or pitcher of water and a banner with a cross, he usually extinguishes a fire.    



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