Food is your best ally

Food is your best ally !!

By Neling | PsychoFee | 24 Jan 2021

How food can influence your memory and thus improve your daily life




Indeed, nutrition would have a beneficial effect on memorization and concentration, these in order to avoid the natural and sometimes premature aging of the brain's capacities. Thus, adopting a good daily diet ensures that the brain functions well in the long term.

A special memory and concentration diet will have many benefits such as :

  • Maintain and improve cognitive functions
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of nutrients involved in brain function
  • Enhance memory and concentration throughout the day
  • Alleviate memory and concentration problems
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight

More than 40 nutrients are useful for the proper functioning of the brain, so it is important to have an ideal intake of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and lipids) as well as micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

The recommendations for adequate nutrition for the proper functioning of memory and concentration are therefore :



The Mediterranean diet

  • Whole grain products, fish, fruit and vegetables, garlic, onion, spices and herbs (parsley, ...)
  • Olive oil as the main fat
  • Daily consumption of nuts, seeds, yoghurt and cheese
  • Very little red meat


Thus, these various nutrient intakes will have such an effect on your body :


Protects and promotes the creation of new connections (synapse) between neurons and thus avoids an early degeneration of intellectual performance; we can find them

  • In the fish
  • Oleaginous oils
  • The seeds
  • The lawyer


Fruits and vegetables

It is well known that antioxidants have a beneficial effect on the brain, they can be found everywhere, but they are mostly present in the following areas

  • In the blueberries
  • The lemon
  • Red fruits in general

And requires a consumption of iron so that the body incorporates all the vitamin C present in what you will have eaten.


Group B vitamins

They play an essential role in the memory process and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, have little to find them everywhere:

  • In fruits
  • Vegetables, fish
  • Eggs, red and white meats
  • Offal and seafood.



It allows a better oxygenation of the brain and contributes to the production of serotonin and dopamine. As said above it is involved in the process of assimilation of vitamin C and iron-rich foods are :

  • Red meat
  • Mollusc
  • Green vegetables #Popey
  • Wholemeal bread and cereals
  • Quinoa


Other foods improve concentration such as :

  • Chocolate
  • Green tea and guarana
  • Honey
  • Rosemary

Attention certain foods are enemies of the brain
Saturated fats or fats of animal origin

  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Cold meat/delicatessen

And especially pay attention to your deficiencies and the use of drugs (alcohol, tobacco), in moderation it is always better! Finally still it is necessary to succeed in finding it !


Fun fact :

The signature theory looks at the world in a different way and is interested in the similarities between certain foods and our bodies, I discovered this theory when I saw a nut and for the first time since I've seen nuts, I made the connection of the resemblance to the shape of the brain, so this theory postulates that certain plants would be medicinal by their similar shape to certain organs of the human body.



1. the nut

Firstly, the nut has a brain shape and as seen above the oilseeds improve our cognitive functions, our memory and protects our brain by fighting against oxidation and inflammation of cells.






2) The tomato

By cutting a tomato in half, one realizes that it looks like hearts; a Finnish study has shown the benefits of tomatoes on cardiovascular health and the absorption of this cardiovascular antioxidant would increase when the tomato is cooked, so a little olive oil, lemon, diced tomatoes, with a small fish in aluminum foil, a little white wine at the bottom with herbs (rosemary), all in a papillote in a boiling water bath for a few minutes! A delicacy that brings us to Italy :D




3 The avocado

Resembling the body of a pregnant woman with her fetus seen from a cut, in fact it improves the health of pregnant women.





4) Carrots


When you cut it in half, you realize that the carrot looks like an eye iris, and it is true that the beta-carotene rich carrot improves night vision by transforming a photosensitive pigment that reacts to light.
Having done a few carrot cures before the summer to avoid wearing sun cream, I have indeed noticed a great improvement of my night vision allowing me to better orient myself during a possible night pee, useful to avoid bumping into each other in all directions!




5. The celery

Celery may resemble the lower leg bones of the human body and indeed it provides many minerals that stimulate the production of joint tissue and helps to fix calcium and magnesium in the body.




6. The sweet potato

It would resemble the pancreas and help it to function properly by regulating blood sugar levels and participating in the proper glycemic regulation process, which is recommended for diabetics.



7. Grapefruit

Resembling a woman's breast, it would indeed benefit breast health and could help prevent breast cancer.




8. Grapes

The reason would be similar to the lobe of our lungs which contain bronchial tubes made up of alveoli resembling grapes and indeed it has been shown that grapes have an effect on the risk of lung cancer in general, but also on asthma and chronic bronchitis.


If you look a little, you might find other foods resembling certain organs of the body such as mushrooms cut in half and ears; banana and there ???? :D


Finally, food is a daily necessity that is part of who we are. Having an impact on most of the functions that our body constantly requests, eating well would therefore impact our social relationships, our development, our psychological and neurological balance, thus contributing in part to our happiness.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article, a new article will appear every day ! 


Thank you for your reading and have a nice day/evening :) 






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