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Why BAT is the best cryptocurrency for most people.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 17 May 2020

Let's be honest, bitcoin maximalists have it all wrong.

I used to be a bitcoin maximalist myself. A few terrible losses made me rethink my strategy of only investing in bitcoin, and I found that once bitcoin doesn't fuck around, altcoins have the moon as their only limit.

But there is one particular altcoin that is best to introduce new users into the crypto community. And that altcoin is BAT.

Seeing as many users who want to get started in crypto give up because of the price of bitcoin, price us the first thing that I feel is important when welcoming new users into the cryptosphere.

BAT is more or less the Frankenstein's monster of the best parts of cryptocurrency. It's cheap, but not so cheap that it's useless. It's decentralised, but not so much that it's basically open source and anyone can change features. It's secure on the blockchain, and is insusceptible to hacks. It has utility, both internal as well as external, and is easily seen by everyone.

Its market cap is high, but not so high that 30% moves in a day are rare. It's number of tokens are unlimited, but the company behind the token buys back some of them occasionally.

You see, BAT is a very good cryptocurrency to get started in crypto with. It trades well, and it has held its value overtime. Sure, many people might say that it's value is pretty far from ATH. But I can't really recall any cryptocurrency that's very close to it's ATH price.

Equally, you can HODL BAT. I will be writing my reports on that project later today, so stay tuned for that. But basically, the value of BAT has gone quite up from the time I started hodling it, and it's a great candidate to put in a hodling portfolio.

BAT also tried to actively solve a problem. And that's the issue I have with altcoins, and why so many people are maximalist. 

Bitcoin aims to solve the centralisation problem of fiat by bringing features such as immutability, decentralisation and making transactions public. The number of tokens ever to be created is also fixed. However, most alts try to solve the problems that Bitcoin left unsolved, like scalability and whatnot. The thing is, it's not actually a real reason to create a whole new currency, and it shows in their intrinsic value.

However, BAT took a brand new approach. They decided to solve a problem that everybody has, but nobody really wants to solve. They put the power in your hands. This is what blockchains and Crypto was created for.

I hope you now see why BAT is a great cryptocurrency to introduce new people to!

Thanks for reading.

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