What to do with your Publish0x earnings: Revised edition with tips you need to see!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 9 Sep 2020

This article takes into consideration the following:

  • High gas fees
  • The new Publish0x rules (withdrawal once a month)
  • General bearish sentiment
  • New ways to make even more money!

These methods account for every single Publish0x token that is currently tipped. That includes ETH, LRC and BAT. You may even use some of the methods for DAI, although that's no longer tipped.

Let's go!

Hi everyone. Welcome to another post.

I know I have done quite a number of these, but there are new methods I have found to turn small amounts into bigger amounts!

Equally, the landscape has changed since I wrote this kind of post 1 month ago, so I figured I'll do a refresh!

Let's get started.





  • You can have your tokens sent to KuCoin. I have done this personally in the past, and it works like a charm. Make sure you don't mix up the addresses though!
  • Convert these tokens to ETH. I convert to ETH because shitcoins traded against ETH are very volatile, and bring good quick gains.
  • Trade shitcoins against ETH: These shitcoins are very volatile and mostly give big 10 - 20% moves almost every hour. You can flip these shitcoins for quick gains and grow your account pretty quickly. In fact, I'm doing a challenge where I try to flip 0.1BTC to 1BTC here in my group. I've currently made 1 30% trade today alone! You can join and follow along if that's your cup of tea or if you don't know how to trade but still want to use this method.



This is an extremely easy process and one that I'm currently partaking in. I have about $500 worth of BNB right now staked away to earn BEL, and a portion of that is from Publish0x.

Given that withdrawals are now monthly, this makes them even larger than before, and with a minimum of $10 (no one makes less than $10 a month here🤓) for staking, you can't go wrong with this method. Free money basically.

And you can send Publish0x tokens straight to Binance. I have also tested this in the past, and it works rather well.



Not a particularly new method, but you can save your Publish0x earned tokens in your private wallet. Or better still, have them sent straight to Binance and begin saving there with an APY. Yes, the interest would be small, but if you're saving, the interest doesn't matter too much because you're looking for an increase in VALUE overtime.

Whenever you want to get your tokens out, here's an easy trick I use. It involves ChangeNOW and BNB.

  • Convert your desired token to BNB.
  • Create a pair comprising BNB/Your desired crypto
  • Send the BNB over and swap using ChangeNOW.
  • ChangeNOW actually covers the gas fees so you don't pay those exorbitant fees.


4. Convert to a high yield token you can stake

Binance offers the option to stake certain cryptocurrencies straight from your account.

You can simply have your tokens sent to your Binance address and then convert them to USDT.

Then use the USDT to buy the token you wish to stake, and begin staking to collect your interest.

You can also re-stake the interest when you've yielded it to give bigger and faster gains.

Once you wish to send out your tokens, you can use the step I outlined above to save on fees.


I hope this post was useful somehow! Thanks for reading.

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