What crypto do I have in my portfolio, and why?
What crypto do I have in my portfolio, and why?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 27 Mar 2020

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Hey there guys! Welcome to another post.

So I just got off the trading screens for the morning, and as I prepare for my afternoon session, I started to think: Why don't I do a post on the cryptocurrencies I have in my portfolio, and why I have them?

So I decided to do the post! And here we are.

Let's get started.

1. Bitcoin(duh)

Bitcoin is my biggest holding, and the biggest cryptocurrency by sheer amount in my trading portfolio. In total, I trade with about 5BTC, making it the most expensive cryptocurrency I have in my trading portfolio, making up a whopping 38% of my total portfolio.

Believe it or not, I got most of the Bitcoin for free online. I have been gathering Bitcoin from many sources and partnerships, and as it continues to grow, I traded it for even more Bitcoin.

I actually started out trading in 2017 with just 0.1BTC that I got for free. I actually published a post on how I got it for free here.

Then I bought my first bitcoin in early 2018. I haven't put any more money into Bitcoin since then.

I own Bitcoin because of the fact that it trades really well if you have a good strategy, and it is the pioneer cryptocurrency with the largest market cap. This means that there are a lot of people who believe in it, as well as a lot of people who don't. This leads to massive selling and buying, which means large profits for me.

I actually mostly send my profits to a Ledger,so I have a lot more Bitcoin over there. But if you ever see a 5BTC order on Binance, it's probably me!


2. ETH(you saw this coming)

I absolutely love Ethereum. Which is why I hold and trade it.

I don't have too much ETH in my ledger. Only about 5 or 6.

But I trade about 24ETH in volume, which brings it to a whopping 24% of my total portfolio value.

I trade ethereum because of the same reasons I trade Bitcoin. Wonderful percentages on rallies, and lots of volume.

The reason I have so few Ethereum in my ledger is because I mostly live off my Ethereum earnings. I trade it a lot on a daily basis, and I withdraw my earnings every month, kind of like a salary. This is where I get my feeding money, clothing money and just where I get money to live. I also contribute part of my tuition from my earnings, and my parents provide the rest. Being able to provide part of my tuition for school has been a big blessing to me, and quite frankly I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to do it.

Ethereum makes it possible for me to do a lot of the stuff I do.

I got most of my Ethereum when it was really cheap back in 2017. And the way I got it was strange.

I was actually told by some people that this coin would be the future, because it could scale and whatnot. So I bought a bunch of it(about $200) at $10, and I sold it later that year at $750. I still regret not waiting till $100, but my $200 was amazingly multiplied, and allowed me to purchase even more at the lowest price that year. I still hold some of those ETH coins I bought in 2017 in my blockchain mobile wallet. I want to take them off to my ledger, but I'm waaaayyyy too lazy for that 🤪


3. XRP

That's it. Shit same me. Take your time.

Now that you've gotten that out of your system, let me explain why I trade XRP a LOT.

I only own about $1000, which makes up a tiny 1% of my portfolio, but that's because I withdraw most of the earnings EVERY SINGLE DAY.

XRP is a great coin to TRADE, but not so much one to HOLD. Which is why I don't hold even one.

Here's the thing they won't tell you: XRP is very, very cheap. That means that tiny, miniscule movements in it's price bring about big percentages for investors and traders alike.

For example, just yesterday, I picked up some XRP at 0.16000. I proceeded to sell those XRP at 0.18000 for a quick $125 profit. That $125(technically, just $119) is sitting in my account, waiting to be spent on XBox games.

That was just a tiny $0.02 move, but it made me some good money. Why should I turn down easy money?

That's why I trade XRP.

In order to not make this post unbearably long, I'll just say it right now that the remaining two coins on this list make up the remaining percentage of my portfolio. 

4. BCH

This one is possibly one of my biggest holding balances. I currently have more in holding than in trading.

I trade about 40BCH tokens because of it's fast wicky moves. The bodies of BCH candles hardly ever have short wicks, and that's heaven for me.

I equally withdraw my profits(or deposit to cover my losses) everyday on this coin. I did say "losses" here because I've made a fair few on this coin. It most of the time fakes out my Bollinger bands, so I enter at the wrong time and make a loss. The price of doing business I guess.


5. LTC

The last coin on my list. I love LTC because of the fact that it has some amazing moves at least once a day. I equally withdraw my profits everyday from this coin.

I trade with about 20LTC, a very small amount, and that's because I never reinvest or change my trading volume. I simply don't take trading LTC seriously, although it's a great coin to trade.

That's my list guys! What coins do you trade?


Shitcoin flipper. Derivatives and options trader. Bitcoin and Ethereum futures and inverse swap contracts. Professional trader. Never financial advice.

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