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Swapzone: Foolproof Time Saver.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 19 Nov 2020

Picture this: Bitcoin is dumping. FAST. But like a good "self bank", you have your crypto right there in your wallet, not at the exchange where it can be hacked away.

You NEED to move to USD, or risk losing a large part of your USD value. You're all about that crypto centric life, but USD matters as well.

You've got three options at that moment:

  • Send to Binance and swap: Of course that leaves your crypto at risk of being hacked, because while they may give you a feeless welcome, they've got some withdrawal surprises waiting for you in form of some pretty hefty withdrawal fees. Not good for someone that just almost lost money.
  • Use Changelly or ChangeNOW: These are instant swap apps as well, and they sound like a great option. But what if the deal on Changelly is worse than that if ChangeNOW? You don't have time to find the best deals! You're looking to save money! Sure, you could go with either one of these options, but the fact that you might not be getting the best deal might bother you, especially since you're trying to save money.
  • Use Swapzone: Swapzone integrates all the good sides of the above options, while leaving the bad sides out. You can swap as easy as Binance, but you don't have to worry about your crypto getting hacked because Swapzone doesn't hold your funds. You can also uses both Changelly and ChangeNOW (and other swap options), but you get to see the BEST deals right in front and choose between them.(even while you're panicking) 



What is Swapzone?

Simply put, Swapzone is an instant swap aggregator that shows the best deals coming from non custodial exchanges.

In simpler and shorter terms: It finds best deals on instant swap exchanges for you.

The possibilities are endless. I gave an example of a trader who might need the best deals immediately, but can't go looking at two non custodial exchanges and comparing the rates while he watches his USD value vanish into thin air. The best solution is Swapzone, which does all the work for you. All you have to do is swap.



Why Use Swapzone?

There are certain reasons that I myself use Swapzone for, but here are some more general reasons to use Swapzone.

  • Best deals: You find the best deals aggregated from all your favourite instant exchanges, all in one simple to navigate view. It also doesn't hurt that the site looks stunning in that black colour. I'm a lover of dark mode, and having it on the site by default is a win win for everybody.
  • Affiliate fees: Imagine finding the best deals, on an easy to use website, WHILE still getting paid for it. Yes, Swapzone does that as well. You get paid to invite your friends (or enemies, doesn't matter) and they also get to experience an amazing variation of instant exchanges. What's not to love?
  • No sign up or KYC required: Added to the fact that this exchange does all this cool stuff, there's still no reason to use KYC or even sign up for an account. So it keeps my favourite parts of Changenow and Changelly without making it a pain to sign up. 
  • Slick and responsive website: The last thing you want is for your exchange website to just "stop" working while you're making an exchange. This is a serious pain, and one that could literally cost you money. Between Sunday and now, I've interracted with the site and swap features a ton, and it hasn't ever stopped on me while making an exchange or just swiping through.
  • You get to choose what you need from the swap: You might not always be in a hurry to swap or might not always be looking to save yourself from losing money while swapping. Swapzone also helps you find the best rated exchanges as well as the fastest options so you're not stuck choosing between speed and cost. This is great for when you just want to casually make swaps out of a weak currency to a stronger one.
  • Good support: Support is an important aspect of instant swaps, because at times, things do go wrong. Maybe you forgot the memo on your XLM swap. Or used BSC BNB instead of ERC BNB. You can always contact the support if you need any help, and they're pretty responsive too.

Special features:

There is a special feature that Swapzone has, and that is the fixed and floating rate feature.

Fixed rate: using this option guarantees that what you see is what you get. This is the one to use in the example I started this review with. You want to use this feature when you don't want any market interference with your swap. If you see $50, you want $50, not $49 or $51. Therefore, this option fixes the rate at which your swap is executed, and factors out market movements.


Floating rate: This is useful for traders who want to partake of market fluctuations. They want the market to influence their swaps, and of course this can go any way. You can swap $50 and have $51 appear in your wallet because the market moved in a favourable direction. You can also get $49 because the market moved in an unfavorable direction. This is mostly used if you have an idea of where the market might be heading to, and want to take advantage of it.


What does Swapzone have over Changelly and Changenow?

Well, for starters, Swapzone IS Changelly and ChangeNOW. It encompasses the best aspects of the two, whole helping you decide on which is better for the moment. It also helps you see the different rates across most instant swap exchanges, and does all the work for you when you swap.


How do I use SwapZone?

You might have read all this and are now ready to use this website. Here's a how to:

  • Log on to the website here. (I have included my referral link in the links section, but you do save on fees if you use it.)
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  • Select which feature matters to you: Speed, cost or best reviews? Totally up to you, and the system does the work of giving you the options that fit your criteria.
  • bed97c386ab315a7dd5d28f3a0c1d9be63c77ca47114224d181af41e4b367b6a.jpeg
  • Begin a swap on any of the exchanges that fit your criteria 

That's one way to do it.

Another way you can swap is:

  • Log on to the exchange here 
  • From the home screen, select the crypto you want to swap.
  • Select the one you want to swap to.
  • Choose between the floating rate option and fixed rate option.
  • Choose the exchange you want to use. (You can of course check speed and cost in the bottom section)
  • Swap!

That's my Swapzone review! Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed the review, please leave a like on it, and comment your favourite part of using Swapzone.

You can also use my link here to make swaps and get a discount on your swaps. Remember, no KYC or account needed.

See you next time!






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