My thoughts on the Brave Browser Binance widget after using it for 2½ weeks!

My thoughts on the Brave Browser Binance widget after using it for 2½ weeks!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 20 May 2020

Hello, and welcome to another post. In today's article, I'll be discussing my use of the Binance widget that was previously out into the Brave Browser. I'll be sharing my likes, dislikes and if I'll continue using it. Let's get started!

Ok, my likes first:

  • The widget is amazing if you want to buy crypto without thinking about it: There are those people who don't really care about the price of their favourite crypto because they believe it would moon, and they just buy it anytime they feel. If this is you, then this widget is awesome for that, especially since Binance now offers fiat deposits and withdrawals. You simply click on the widget, enter the cryptocurrency you wish to buy(and the amount), click pay and you're done. Instant and simple.
  • The widget is fast: Now I didn't think that this would be the case, but the widget is super fast and snappy. One tap and the thing you wish to open is opened without delay. No waiting or lags. This is possibly the best widget experience I've had for something that does this much.
  • It's secure: You still have to sign in to your Binance account (get one here if you don't have one) with 2FA and everything, and you can set up a password for the widget! That's right. So if anyone gets access to your computer and goes to the widget side, they'll have to input the password to get in. Also, the widget can act as a sort of "cold storage" when not connected to the internet, because you can still send and receive tokens without that feature.
  • It's size is really small: A few kilobytes gets you this widget, and while many might argue that "all widgets are small dude", I've seen widgets that were over 10MB, which is pretty large for a widget.
  • You still get all the features of the Brave browser with this widget: The widget offers no obstructions, and brings no ads with it either. Still the clean Brave browser, but with Binance power!


Now, here are the things I don't really like about the widget:

  • You can't do much with it: I'm a technical trader, and I love my charts. I make my living with them, and I enjoy my work when I have charts on. You can't have a chart in the widget itself, or draw or use Fibonacci levels or any of that thing. You just buy or sell, which sucks. You'll have to get to tradingview to use the charts there, before coming back to the widget to see if you want to buy or sell.
  • You can only market buy or sell in the widget: This really sucks. Really. You can't set limit orders, which are usually the way to get the best deals on the coin. You can only buy at market, which is never a good price as it means someone is selling to you at a higher price than they bought. Bummer.

That's my take on the widget! Who has used it? What do you think about it? Let me know down below.

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