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By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 19 Aug 2020

Hello and welcome to another article. In this article, I'll be going over the tokens in my portfolio, and giving the reasons why I picked those tokens.

Before we get started however, I want you to know that I run a telegram channel where I post educational content and trading signals. Join here and try it for yourself!

Before we get started, please note that this isn't an article telling you what to buy. I have already bought these coins at a very cheap price, and am up at least 70% on each of them. If you decide to not DYOR and lose money buying any of these, I am not responsible. Don't buy any of these recommendations, as they're already past prime buying spots.


This one is a pretty big one for me, as I'm really proud I was able to pick it up early. I got into LUNA at about $0.0005, when it was basically free. LUNA is a pretty big project, and is really going to run when the time comes.

They're backed by Binance Labs, and as you are reading this, they are about to be listed on Binance.

I WOULD NOT SUGGEST BUYING LUNA NOW. The price isn't great anymore for new comers to buy unless you're scalping.

2. Basic Attention Token

Those of you here in March would have known that I bought a crap ton of BAT at 0.08 USD. It's one of my main bags, and I only recently sold some to get my initial investment out. I sold at $0.31.

BAT is part of my long term bags because of their team and their product. I expect BAT to be a huge deal in a few months time, so I am positioning myself well for when it pumps.

3. Bitcoin

Bitcoin controls the weather over at crypto city. Bitcoin begins and ends the bull market, and it is important to always hold at least 35% of your portfolio in Bitcoin to hedge against uncertainty. Like the current rejection of the $12k level.

I feel that Bitcoin would break the $14k barrier this year, and rally up to 20k, which is why I hold some of it. I picked up A LOT of Bitcoin at $4500 in March (I wasn't an early investor, so $4500 was a gift), and I still hold it in my portfolio.

4. Ethereum

This one is a beast, and one I'm proud to own. Ethereum is the king of altcoins, and rightly so. It finally started leading Bitcoin in the bull run this year, and was actually the fire that ignited the bull run this year. I hold ETH and am very glad that Publish0x now supports ETH tipping, so I can passively increase my ETH holding without buying more.

5. Loopring

Overlooked and undervalued. Those are the two words I use to describe LRC, and they work. Hardly any Publish0x user likes or keeps their LRC, but I promise that many would FOMO into it when the time comes.

Loopring is a very useful token, and one I solicit that everyone owns at least a little of. You'll see why soon.

6. Binance coin

Don't bet against CZ. He has managed to build the world's largest exchange by volume and users, and the whole affair is powered by BNB. If you don't want to buy any, at least convert some of the dust on your Binance account to BNB just so you hold some.

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