LRC Vs ETH: Which Publish0x token is better?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 11 Aug 2020

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Let's get started!

So I felt that since I did one of these kinds of posts for BAT and ETH, it was only befitting that I do one for LRC Vs ETH as well.

So that's what this post is. So let's get started!


  • It powers a powerful DEX: DEXs would soon be all the rave. Uniswap is killing it right now, and I feel that other DEXs are going to follow suit. It therefore is a good idea to accumulate LRC, as it powers the loopring exchange, which is pretty powerful. The volume isn't over the top, but is ok, and the matching engine is quite powerful as well. I enjoyed using the Loopring exchange, and I feel that once DEXs pick up steam, Looping will be one of the pioneer ones to gain awareness.
  • Great fractal: I keep on referencing the fractal against BAND, but Loopring looks exactly like BAND before its parabolic mark up. Price is fractal, so that's a good thing in the long run.
  • Good tokenomics: Looprings tokenomics are above average, and from a fundamental stand point, the coin is a good one.
  • Technicals are sound: Looping has one of the cleaner altcoin charts that is a blessing for market structure traders(unlike some certain coins *cough* DOGE *cough*)


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Now, what does Ethereum have going for it?

  • Loopring is powered by Ethereum: This in essence means that Loopring's price is controlled by Ethereum's movements. This is good when Ethereum goes up, and bad when Ethereum goes down.
  • Ether has more features: Ethereum 2.0, smart contracts and generally being a global computer. The number of features it has trumps that of Loopring, and makes it an easier recommendation to anyone coming into crypto newly.
  • Big boys trade it: Ether is therefore more of an asset than a cryptocurrency. The grey scale trust holds a large amount of Ethereum, and so do institutional traders. This makes ETH more valuable in the eyes of investors.


So which one is better? Which coin takes the cake?

To me, I'd say that Ethereum wins again. More features, more use cases and definitely more value.

Who do you think won? Let me know down below.

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