I made 5000BAT for free online in a month. Here's exactly how I did it.

I made 5000BAT for free online in a month. Here's exactly how I did it.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 9 May 2020

So yesterday, while I was collating my records of my crypto earnings online, I saw that I was able to successfully complete my goal of 1000BAT in a month. I even surpassed it.

How did I do it? What apps did I use? I'll answer those questions in this post.

Let's go!

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First off, it's absolutely impossible to make this huge amount of BAT in one month for free, especially if you don't have Brave rewards on a website of your own. I actually have brave rewards on my personal site, but for the people who might not have it, and for the context of this post, I haven't included my warnings over there here.

That said, you will need some services and apps which you would use to make such a high amount of BAT. Here the are:

So here are the places of all these services on my earnings journey:

1. I obviously used the Brave browser to earn BAT tokens on the fly, just for browsing. The tokens aren't very much, but when I combine the earnings from my phone and laptop, the figure looks nice.

2. Electroneum: This app basically gives you free money in the way of ETN tokens. It makes you seem like you're mining tokens on your phone, although you're just being airdropped free tokens every week. You get approximately $5 a month in tokens if you sign up, and $7 a month if you use the code 8D999C on sign-up. The thing about this app is that you can just have it running and forget about it, and come pick up your tokens every week. Just like real mining.

3. You'll need the Atomic wallet to convert your earned DAI and LRC from Publish0x to BAT. This is very compulsory if you wish to get your income in BAT. You can also use the Trust wallet, but the Atomic wallet is better overall.

4. Changelly

If you'd rather skip the gas fees which can be really high, and you want the cash to go to another wallet all together, then Changelly is your best bet. It's fast and very cheap and you can also change any tokens you have to BAT. That includes Bitcoin, which is something you can't do everywhere for this cheap.

5. A KuCoin exchange account

This is to convert all your earned ETN to BAT, because ETN isn't listed on Changelly. Simply convert ETN to USDT first, and then buy BAT with your USDT.

6. Publish0x

To earn the initial BAT, LRC and DAI tokens that all the converters above would use.

Now when you're done converting everything, and collecting everything, you'll need the final piece of the puzzle. Which is number 7, a Binance account.

Binance is one of the better exchanges out there for beginners and pros alike.

However, the only thing we'll be using Binance for is to lend out our BAT tokens. This action gives us an interest rate of 1.24% in 7 days, which is insane high value. 

This is how I got my 5000BAT in just one month! I'll give the breakdown later today of how much I made from these sources, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.


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