I found an easy way to get more BAT....

I found an easy way to get more BAT....

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 11 May 2020

In my constant search for value for my followers, I hit on the best way to earn BAT for free every week.

For many people on Publish0x, their BAT earnings per week isn't enough to quickly grow their accounts. Everyone loves BAT, but since Publish0x is giving it away for free, we can't complain.

Many people hating on LRC would rather have BAT in its place. Unfortunately, we don't make the rules.

However, what we can do about that is to create a new source of BAT for ourselves. 

Enter the new method I found. This is an activity site, where you can earn BAT for the usual activity, such as completing a survey or installing apps or watching videos.

However, there are some dead simple tasks that just about anyone can complete. Such as copying and pasting text into a box, completing captchas, and writing words that are read out loud.

To be honest, some of the activities were actually fun to complete, especially some surveys.

I used the website for a week, and was able to successfully withdraw 10BAT from it to my wallet. I know it's not a lot of BAT, but since LRC became the standard cryptocurrency here, many people find it hard to earn up to 10BAT even.

With this method, which is a great way to earn money off Publish0x, I feel that we can all put our BAT earnings back to how they used to be, or even surpass our previous earnings.

Try out the service here if you're interested.

Thanks for reading!


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