I analysed BAT, LRC and BNB: Let's see why I feel they'll pump.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 26 Jul 2020

Hello, and welcome to another article. In this article, I'll be going over my "review" of BAT, BNB and LRC to see why I feel they can pump to the skies and beyond.

As BTC and ETH have just broken the bear market jinx, and destroyed their monthly resistances, I know that once they cool down, the profits from those would flow into the majors. The 3 majors I picked are BAT, BNB and LRC.(although BAT and LRC aren't really "majors")

But why do I feel that there would pump?

Here are my reasons for each of them.


BNB: Why I feel it would pump

You can read my more detailed article on this from yesterday, however the major reason I feel it would pump is IEOs. Yes, Binance is listing new IEOs very soon, and there would be a lot of BNB buying involved for the listings. This should theoretically cause a pump in BNB'e price.

The technicals are also really sound, and that's a good thing because then technicals match with fundamentals. The chart has broken a rather important monthly resistance level, and could be levelling up in price very soon.


BAT: While I feel it would pump

My thoughts on BAT are very fundamental, and hardly technical at all. I've been following the team and founder, and they have been silently making great deals all around the place. Once these deals are solidified and made known to the public, it could bring about a pump of proportions we've never seen from BAT before.

As I've stated in my previous articles on this project, whenever BAT pumps, it signals the end of alt season. Therefore alt season is still underway, and BAT still has a chance.


LRC: Why I feel it would pump

Looping doesn't get a lot of press, and for food reason: They're a DEX. DEXs aren't the in thing right now.

However, even with that being the case, I came up with a bullish scenario for LRC.

In one of my recent articles here, I drew up a fractal of LINK and LRC, and LRC looks exactly like LINK before it's magnificent run. Should LRC break the multi year diagonal resistance and close above it on the weekly, it's over for any LRC bears, if there were ever any.

LRC isn't doing much specials but they're one of the better DEXs, and I really hope it pumps high.(mostly because I hold s lot🌛)


That's my post guys! What alts should I be looking at right now that I'm not looking at? Tell me down below!

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