Best crypto coins to invest in FOR THE MONEY.

Best crypto coins to invest in FOR THE MONEY.

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 19 Jan 2020

HiI just love getting returns on my investments. Especially 3% upwards a day. Seeing this makes me happy.

I'm usually not an advocate for investing for the tech, but I have done a post on that earlier today if you're into that. You can check that out here.

For everyone else who's about that yellow lambo lifestyle, let's go!

PS: Please remember that I'm not a financial advisor. These views remain mine, and should not be used as a benchmark for your actions. Please do your own research.

5. Bitcoin Satoshis Vision(BSV)

The most controversial coin on this list. Recently got pumped up all the way to 200%+(I can proudly say I rode this wave, and the profits on it were extraordinary), only to get dumped 15% today alone.(It has, since its pump, lost 215%)

This coin is the only fork of Bitcoin (and this includes bitcoin itself) that can match the transaction speed of various payment processors. Investing in this coin will see massive benefits only in the short term, so know when to get out and use those stop losses.

  • EXCHANGES: Changelly, Bitfinex, Binance, OKEx, KuCoin, Bittrex, BitMex

4. Basic Attention Token(BAT)

I personally horde this crypto coin. I like that Publish0x has given me a way to actually increase my holdings on this coin for free, but I still personally buy and hold it. The technicals are nice and it seems to always form perfect chart patterns when they do form. BAT is an amazing crypto coin for anyone who wants that mulah!

  • EXCHANGES: Changelly, Bitfinex, Binance, OKEx, KuCoin, Bittrex, BitMex, Luno,000BTC. 

3. FunFair(FUN)

Funfair is a great cryptocurrency for value investors. It has decent intraday movement for intraday traders, while still having enough monthly movement for those who hold positions longer than a month. Funfair, although getting older now, is still not available on every exchange out there. Still, it has the potential to bring massive returns if you trade it diligently.

  • EXCHANGES: Changelly, Bitfinex, Binance, OKEx, KuCoin, Bittrex, BitMex, Bittrex

2. Project Hydro(HYDRO)

I personally don't own any of the project HYDRO token, although I plan on buying some sooner than later. The token is not publicly traded on all major exchanges, which is weird to say the least given what this token can do. I love that Publish0x gives me the ability to dip my feet in this token for free, but the fact that a lot of this token costs so much will be a bad thing for those looking to day trade this cryptocurrency. The numbers will be too many to keep track of, and while this crypto coin gives massive returns where it can be traded, I won't recommend it for everybody.

1. Bitcoin(BTC)

The grand daddy of all cryptocurrencies. The father of all cryptocurrencies. The one that started it all.

Bitcoin makes up 43% of my entire portfolio, and this is because of the fact that Bitcoin determines the direction of all other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin recently moved into the 9000 USD range, and with that in mind, it's a great recommendation for new traders to get their feet wet. Bitcoin will bring massive returns this year due to the halving.

  • EXCHANGES:Literally any exchange! If you can't find bitcoin on am exchange, you probably shouldn't trade there.


Shitcoin flipper. Derivatives and options trader. Bitcoin and Ethereum futures and inverse swap contracts. Professional trader. Never financial advice.

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