BAT, LRC and DAI: Which is more useful?

BAT, LRC and DAI: Which is more useful?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 19 May 2020

If you have a keen eye(or any eye for that matter), you'd have noticed that the title comprised of the only cryptocurrencies we receive on Publish0x.

Many people know them, and many people don't. So I'll be explaining what all of them are in this post, as well as deciding which one is the best of all.

Let's go!


BAT(costs about $0.2)

BAT stands for "Basic Attention Token", and it does exactly what it says on the tin; Helps you pay attention.

It was launched alongside a browser called the Brave Browser, which filters out ads and make the browsing situation better. It also pays you for "paying attention" to well designed and unobtrusive ads in the interface. Neat right?

The token is what you receive your payments in, and it is called BAT. Whenever you click on an ad, or get tipped (from brave creators), you essentially get some BAT for your efforts.


DAI(costs about $1)

DAI is a stablecoin, which means the price is linked to the US Dollar, and tries to remain worth exactly one dollar by using done fancy algorithms we won't be talking about here. I already gave a post explaining that.

Many people convert their DAI upon receipt to other appreciable cryptocurrencies, but I feel that one day, DAI will surpass USDT as a more widely used alternative, and I want to have some DAI then. I also really like the logo.


LRC(costs about $0.038)

This one takes the most heat of the bunch, mostly because it took the place as the most tipped cryptocurrency on Publish0x from BAT. LRC, or Loopring as it's called  is basically a decentralised exchange platform, and LRC is the token of said platform. It's just like BNB for Binance, but ERC-20 based. 

LRC gets a lot of flak for nothing really. I feel that LRC is a great cryptocurrency because of the developments happening on the exchange. I mean, sure, I don't use the exchange all too often, it at all, but decentralised exchanges would be a thing once people realise what they're good for, and move over to them. 

The reason I don't use DEXes is because of the volume. It's low and crappy, but as time goes on, we should see more volume come to these DEXes.

So with that said, which one is the best cryptocurrency on this platform?

To be honest, there is no "best", because all of them are unique to each other and good in what they do.

However, if you wanted the most valuable cryptocurrency, you should hope to get more DAI because you can buy all the others with it, and it's more valuable anyway.

Thanks for reading.


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