Astrology and a predisposition for things

By band | Prophet of Markets | 14 Mar 2019

If you know nothing about astrology, that's okay.

I found a cool book the other day.

This will help you understand who you are.

And why you do what you do.

Also, how you do things.

It confirmed previous research I did.

It was the only one that really simplified things for me.

And put the pieces together.

Finally, I have a better picture.

Now, you'll be able to figure out the following:

-- The zodiac.

-- Your zodiac sign.

-- The genders, elements, and qualities.

-- The planets.

-- Your rising sign.

-- Your moon sign.

-- Houses of the zodiac.

-- The aspects.

-- Chart interpretation.

Of course, don't ask for the moon, and you'll get the earth.

Astrology is a complicated matter but the authors simplified everything.

It was even banded in my other research that astrology came ahead of astronomy.

That says a lot.

Surely, the ancients knew something we didn't.

After all, they only had their own base and original thinking to deal with.

Plus, LOTS of observation, testing, and deduction.

They were not saddled with useless subjects to study.

Only a few, good, real ones that mattered.

Like philosophy, mathematics, medicine.

You get the idea, right. (question mark on keyboard still stuck)

It confirmed stuff about me and my work.

Why I was into a lot of things.

Why I worked and wrote fast.

And how it was all very okay.

And even if you didn't get hold of a copy, it's okay, too.

Just continue being who you are

Or finding more about yourself.

You're here on earth to do just that.

To find out who you are.

And to be comfortable in your own skin.

Thick skin, fine skin, what does it matter.

It's you.

You're all you've got.

Find what works for you.

Others have to mind their own business.

As you will, too.



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