On patience and perseverance

On patience and perseverance

By band | Prophet of Markets | 14 Mar 2019

There will be days that will test your patience and perseverance.

Such as today when I was all excited to write.

Got up at five in the morning, jumped out of bed, and all ready to hit it.

I had loads of questions to ask you about your work.

Thing is, keyboard had other ideas.

Said she was bored.

Question mark key was stuck.


So, I don't get to ask the questions.

Still, tenacious writer that I am, I put on another hat.

I put on my five-year-old cap.

What would a five-year-old do.

Whoops, no question mark.


Anyway, five-year-old merely went around the problem.

That's how they do it, mind you.

They either go around it.

Go through it.

Or jump over it.

I did the first.

Fine and dandy, until something else came up.

Sure, I finished the article, got the image going.

And was about to publish it here when something else came up.

Huh. (supposed to be a question mark here)

The wifi connection disappeared.

How was that possible.

I got on board, didn't I.

So, I can't use the question mark, I finished the article, but no wifi.

What in Jupiter's name was going on.

By now, you know I have many questions to ask.

But no question mark on keyboard for impact.

Anyway, what does one do when you hit the back button.

And discover your article was deleted.

Well, you start all over again.

And not pull your hair out.

Fortunately, I'm a writer with zillions of ideas.

And even more zillions of patience.

Matched by zillions of perseverance.

And a brain of a five-year-old.

If this article doesn't get published because wifi acts up, or gets deleted, simple.

Start all over again.

Maybe I create a better article.

Maybe the other one sucked.

Oops, am I allowed to say that here.

Oh right, question mark doesn't work.

Bottomline -- start all over.

Maybe I'll get it right this time.

It better.

But pronto, I better get this to you now!


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