my original NFT artwork - The Enlightened One in pink

My latest NFT drop – The Enlightened One in pink – handmade collage minted to NFT on Hive blockchain with minimal fees

I’m happy to announce that my latest handmade paper collage artwork is ready to be minted as an NFT. This time the familiar esoteric theme prevails again, with the Buddha in centre foreground as the main subject. Familiar Egyptian images predominate too, The color combination is one of spiritual love, with the lighter shade of purple and the romantic pink.

Add to that the gold assistants flanking the Buddha and you have quite a psychedelic piece of art for the collection. The Buddha is seen holding his chanting beads in his right hand, suggesting that the process of chanting on the “japa mala” or meditation beads, is the technique for effective mediation and the path to enlightenment.

The Buddha or meditating yogi is flanked by two Egyptian female assistants or personifications of the kundalini shakti which rises via two channels around the spine, namely the Ida and Pingala. Here the Ankh of Life is predominant, aligning with the symbol of the shakti or force awakened during the process of mediation within the yogi.

The words at the top of the image are Latin and read:

"Aide toi et dieu t' aidera" which translates as "god helps those who help themselves". Naturally by application of the meditation process one can attract the merciful glance of the supreme, so to speak.

This NFT is my second for this second quarter of 2021. I’m aiming to make one a week or more if possible. These are totally unique and original paper collages from found pictures so although the mystical theme is noticeable throughout the works and the style and composition is similar throughout too, each one is a rare original in color and mood, as well as detail of subject matter. This time the color combination is a first and this work will make a fine addition to any collector’s gallery.

The unique thing about this work is that I’m limiting the minting to only two and the sale to only one. I will keep the other one in my collection and portfolio. So where I had minted three or five of previous artworks, this time I’m only putting one up for sale. Naturally many collectors prefer an one-off original with greater scarcity, and non-fungibility.

Now with less minting and greater scarcity of this artwork, I will be increasing the selling price. As to what an artwork is really worth, I could sell this for half an ETH and may do so with future collages, I believe my work is worth that much, but on the small Hive blockchain I will limit the price for the lucky users of Hive in its early days.

Naturally the price of Hive is growing too, so the NFT similarly will be increasing in value. If I consider how many hours I put into making this artwork, and then place a value on my time per hour, I can come up with what I feel is a valid price. But generally the value is all relative. Nevertheless, I have come to a fair value for my time and skill, and it’s a bargain for the buyer. Similar works in future that become listed on the ETH blockchain may well sell for much more.

Of course even the value of the Hive token is fluctuating all the time, so it’s impossible to say what the true value of this artwork is. It conveys visual insights that may be priceless, but technically it may have taken 12 hours to produce. Added to that is the creative skill, and a midrange price can be determined. It will remain to be seen if a buyer will make an offer for it.

Check the Enlightened One in pink at and be the first to snap up this one of a kind NFT for sale today.

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