proof of consciousness
proof of consciousness

proof of consciousness

A space to discuss the revolution of consciousness we all find ourselves in, based on ancient wisdom and future tech.

Living off the land in times of economic uncertainty – a permaculture role model

3 days ago 3 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.02 tipped

With the rumors of recession on a global scale around the corner, as well as a tipping point crossed in climate disorder, it looks like food self-sufficiency will be more valuable than we currently appreciate. Homesteading is perhaps our saving grace...

The secret to wealth and happiness that cryptocurrency trading can’t give you

3 days ago 6 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.06 tipped

Having spent the past two years studying technical analysis and teaching myself the art of trading, I will tell you that I’ve learned a lot but also know how much I still need to learn. Knowledge is based on two things – theory and practice. In any e...

The real goal of yoga – it’s much deeper than you think

6 days ago 6 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.04 tipped

I want to let you in on a secret today, based on the ancient Sanskrit text on yoga called Bhagavad Gita. The word yoga is a Sanskrit term meaning “to link up” or to unite in union. Most westerners are aware of the term yoga, but having not studied th...

Bitcoin dips below $10 000 for a brief moment, could it be the last ever?

6 days ago 2 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.09 tipped

As predicted the $9200 support held during the recent Bitcoin price drop. Actually price only fell to around $9500 and has since bounced up to over $10 000. There was massive buying as can be seen on the four hour chart volume levels, where the low p...

BTC TA the easy way – breakout arrives and descending channel holds

1 week ago 3 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.32 tipped

As was to be predicted, the much-anticipated breakout of the Bitcoin price from the narrowing wedge did arrive, except it went to the downside, when I was hoping for the opposite. The drop of just under 5% initially was minor and there are other posi...

Kept in illusion by Google’s search engine manipulation

1 week ago 5 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.02 tipped

As we see government forces crack down on activist dissenter street revolt, like the current Moscow, Hong Kong and Paris protests which have been going on for weeks already, it is not just sovereign governments becoming more controlling of their peop...

Imprisoned by propaganda - knowledge is the key to our liberation

1 week ago 7 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.05 tipped

When one is “intrinsically motivated” it means that you are driven more by internal rewards, as opposed to some external result like money, fame or power. Most of us are driven by the urges of the senses and the biological instincts of eating, sleepi...

Litecoin halving has arrived

2 weeks ago 4 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.29 tipped

The Litecoin halving that has been anticipated for months has come and gone. The next one will be in 1455 days, or around August 2023. This is a built in event that occurs every 840 000 blocks. Price had a nice little pump today to celebrate the even...

What is money part 2 – the crime of commercial bank money

2 weeks ago 4 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.04 tipped

In our current new era of cryptocurrency, built on the blockchain, we are becoming more familiar with the concept of digital money, beyond paper notes and coins. However, most money today is already digital, just like that used via Visa or debit card...

What is money? Part 1 of a crime exposed

2 weeks ago 5 minute read Bitcoin Babaji $0.05 tipped

For centuries the mechanics of the money system have remained hidden, yet the impact globally is unsurpassed. This is due to the monetary system being the primary tool for those who run the world to maintain power and control. It is this power which...