Opportunity is born in panic

Opportunity is born in panic

By Diskcoin | Proof of Capacity | 10 Feb 2020

The cryptocurrency market has recently experienced an unremarkable general rebound pattern, and it is indeed a bit unexpected under the situation of Bitcoin shock.

Looking back at the background of all this, it was when the market fell sharply in mid-December last year, and sentiment was dissipated, and investors were almost disappointed with the performance of mainstream currencies.

At that time, all kinds of doubts and negative remarks were flying around. and some investors were even preparing for the return of Bitcoin at 4,500 USD.

The market has not continued to fall as expected by investors, but has ushered in a sharp rebound after reaching the bottom. In the case of the currency price falling to a certain extent, it is also natural for a rebound to occur.

Just whether the current market rebounds or reverses, it remains to be verified. The next test is the patience of investors in holding currency.

So, in addition to Bitcoin in the current market, it is also worth the attention of investors that there must be breakthroughs and innovative projects on a specific technical point, such as POC projects with major innovations in the consensus mechanism.

DISC (Diskcoin) is a new cryptocurrency based on CPOC (Conditioned Proof of capacity). It uses hard disk capacity as a carrier of consensus and is currently one of the most fair and consensus POC currencies.

On the way to success, DISC may be late, but never absent. Although the birth time is later than the POW mechanism represented by BTC, DISC does not need too much marketing to create momentum, and the next market is the best momentum.

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