Daily Price Update 09/07/2019

By skylinebuds | Price Update | 9 Jul 2019

These two coins here are not listed on coinmarketcap.com and I think more people should and would love to get a price update for these coins.

This is the daily Price update for 09/07/2019

On the smoke chain, we have some dumping going on with the price.


SMOKE /BTS Trading pair

  • 0.10368 BTS Latest
  • -16.51 % 24hr Change
  • 2663.417  SMOKE 24hr Volume



With Whaleshares you can see we had a lot of buys today but the spread is huge to a sell takes it down to .11 a buy can take it to .13.

WLS /BTS Trading pair

  • 0.11851 BTS Latest
  • -12.86 % 24hr Change
  • 22.27k  WLS 24hr Volume


You can buy these coins over on

Have you went over and signed up for any of these blockchains and started to earn some smoke or whaleshares?



This is some dirt cheap prices for both of these chains. with these selling at under .01 cent you can be sure they will make a nice jump when they get listed to another exchange or we may see it before if we see ALTS pump.

This is not financial advice**


You can head on over to see a bit more detailed price update here as publish0x does not let for full html tables and such.

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Price Update
Price Update

Posting a daily price update for great coins not on CoinMarketcap

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