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By portugal | portugal | 16 Nov 2019

Vale do Tua Regional Natural Park is marked by the presence of a diverse set of natural and heritage values that must be maintained and valued.

The landscape is diverse and marked by mountains, plateaus and valleys, namely the Douro, Tua and Tinhela rivers. The main cause of this diversity lies in the variety of lithologies and geological structures that form the basis of these reliefs.



The geomorphology of the surrounding region is quite varied, due to its specific structural and lithological characteristics, and includes deep valleys and sloping slopes, mainly in the final sections of the Tua and Tinhela rivers, as well as imposing rocky outcrops (quartzite ridges) and plateau zones, with slight relief.


The area is characterized by a climatic diversity that translates into the vegetal landscape, which presents, as the most characteristic potential natural vegetation, Quercus suber cork groves (with variable presence of holm and juniper), in the warmer and drier areas of the valley, and black oak groves Quercus pyrenaica in the cooler and rainier areas of the plateau and main mountain ranges.



Parque do Tua is the only park in Portugal with regional status managed by local authorities, namely municipalities. The protected area was created as part of the Foz Tua dam construction process, and for the past two years has gained visibility with the walking paths in all municipalities sought by national and international hiking enthusiasts.



Nature lovers now have three more good reasons to head to the Vale do Tua Natural Park. This protected area has just gained three walking trails. Routes with much to enjoy and discover, and the opening of other sections is already being prepared.





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