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Visit Portugal - Vila Nova de Cerveira

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Vila Nova de Cerveira is a beautiful Vila Minhota, county seat, right in the northern region, overlooking the Minho River that separates it from the Spanish village of Góian. Border village, it developed around its walls, which protected it from Span...

Visit Portugal - Talasnal, Lousã

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Talasnal has long been the Serra da Lousã Schist Village that has given more visibility and charisma to the whole. For its size and layout, but also for the many details of the recoveries of their homes. And also by the way the village of Talasnal se...

Visit Portugal - Pitões das Júnias, Montalegre

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Situated in a municipality of Montalegre, Pitões das Júnias is set in a more magical rural setting of the Peneda-Gerês National Park and is a village full of identity that prides itself on its ancestry, traditions and history. Much of the responsibil...

Visit Portugal - Cerdeira

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There were times when the road that led to Cerdeira, besides being steep, was on dirt. Today it is tarred and has open rails for deer to pass. The village, in the middle of the green, is a treat for the eyes, with its homogeneously restored schist ho...

Visit Portugal - Cabeça (Seia)

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The village of Cabeça, nestled in a valley of slopes dominated by schist, is located at the top of a granitic head and is particularly well adapted to the local orography. The old housing core is structured around the church of São Romão, former pari...

Visit Portugal - Porto Côvo

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Porto Covo remains the friendly fishing village of small white houses, which was recovered by the Marquês de Pombal after the 1755 earthquake. The visit is well worth it for the beautiful craggy and hidden beaches that lie along the coast. During...

Visit Portugal - Santa Susana

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It all started in the 1950, when farm workers arriving to work in the Alentejo were housed on the property of cousins Henrique Fernandes and Manuel Louro. A few years later, these workers eventually took their families there and transformed the space...

Visit Portugal - Ponte de Lima

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The Roman bridge that crosses the Lima River in this place gave rise to the name of this ancient village. The first request was granted in 1125 by D. Teresa, the mother of the first king of Portugal, before the foundation of the kingdom. In the ce...

Visit Portugal - Portimão

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Located in the Arade estuary, Portimão is known for its excellent beaches of immense sands with warm and calm waters, which make it a very seductive holiday destination. Portimão has a long fishing tradition. This is where most of the buildings we...

Visit Portugal - Funchal, Island Madeira

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At any time of year, Funchal, with its mild climate, is the ideal destination for a mini-vacation. There are many places to visit in this city with over 500 years of existence and some aren't to be missed. The best way to visit Funchal historic ci...