[SPLINTERLANDS] - Weekly Battle Challange

By Polessins | Polessins | 19 Jun 2021

Hello guys !


I am participating in the @splinterlands Share your battle contest.
Basically Splinterlands is an online TCG where you can collect cards, crystals and much more !
Its a play to earn based game, very fun and profitable !
you can check more about the game in the official website by clicking [HERE](https://splinterlands.com/)

So, lets go for the battle challenge !


# Battle Rules :


**Super Sneak** : All melee attack monsters will target the last monster on the enemy team formation.
**Little league** : Only monsters and summoners that coast 4 or less might join this battle !

**MANA CAP** : 22



## My Strategy :

##### For battles with low mana cost, i love using fast units and scavanger units. Fast units might just give the victory to you. I always bet my squad will be able to finish 1-2 monsters before they even have a chance to attack. Since the battle had the Super Sneak rule, i imagined my enemy would go full melee attack, so i decided to use Mylor C. as my summoner, since he has the ability to make all my monsters reflect melee damage.

Lets check my units for this battle :

#### Mylor C.

Mylor is one of my favorites Summoners. His gives the thorn ability to your whole team, making him a perfect choice foy many types of combat. In this battle, he managed do deal more then 8 damage with damage reflect. i'ts a really big number in battles with low mana monsters and certainly was one the main players in this victory ! He is a 3 mana cost Summoner ! Rare unit.



#### Biceratops

Not one my favorite units, but my best 4 mana earth tank. His 1 shield is really helpfull to absorb some damage, he managed to survive until the second round thanks to Wood Nymph and she's amazing abilities.
Did well by reflecting some damage aswell. in the end, he did quite better then i expected. This is a lvl 1 card. With 2 attack, 1 speed, 1 shield and 4 life, with a 4 mana cost to summon. Common unit.


#### Screeching Vulture

This monster is amazing in low mana combats, His speed will help him dodge critical attacks together with his flying ability. The scavanger ability will make him a snowball in low mana matches, quickly turning him into a tankish, swift flying assassin monster. He did great this match, dealing a lot of damage, dodging and by the time it was time for him to tank, he was already gigantic. this is a lvl 6 card, with 2 attack, 4 speed 2 life, with a 3 mana cost to summon. Common unit.


#### Elven Cutthroat

Another great unit with fast speed to assassinate enemies before they even can attack. Awesome neutral unit, with a 3 cost mana, he have 2 attack, 4 speed and 3 HP at lvl 5, making him a cheap and awesome assassin ! In this battle it did a great job, surviving until the end and dealing some good damage to quick finish the enemy backline. Common unit.


#### Goblin Thief

This was one of the main reasons i decided go Earth. I love this card, it has a pretty decent damage, a good speed and good ammount of life. He is definelty the captain of my assassin squad ! Had definitely no problem in this match, almost received no damage, only 2 reflected by the enemy team. he is a lvl 4 card with 3 attack, 3 speed and 4 mana. Common unit.



#### Brownie
Brownie is an awesome unit, his abilites are very powerfull for a 1 mana cost card. He is perfect for this kind of setup. He will increase the speed of my whole team, which is the main goal in this formation, and will also increase by 1 the melee attack of all my units. it was a 5 attack bonus for my team, from this single 1 mana unit. Really powerfull don't you think ? This is a lvl 5 card, with 1 attack, 6 speed, 2 life and 2 amazing abilities, Swiftness and Inspire. I give this unit a 10/10 !


#### Wood Nymph
This little girl is Earth's main healer on low level battles. I decided using her not really for her healing, but for her ability **Strengthen** which gives all my units +1 life. This is very good to avoid being sniped on the start of the battle. He did a great job this match and even managed to dodge some hits with the help from Brownies speed buff. This is a card you should always have on your Earth deck ! This is a level 6 card, with 1 attack, 3 speed and 4 life. Also with 2 great abilities for a low mana cost card.





This battle ended real quick thanks to all the sneak damage. My team managed to attack before the enemy team, and that gave me a little advantage. The Thorn Ability from Summoner Mylor was also very important in this match. You will see how killing the enemy Crustaceous King simply destroyed the whole enemy team armor, making a open way so my units could finish sniping one by one. Screeching Vulture was already snowballed by the end of the 1 round, Scavange ability is really incredible. Probably i would have lost if enemey healer was not in the last position on his formation. but well, you never know what is comming.
So does my strategy worked here ? ***definitely yes !***


[WATCH THE COMPLETE BATTLE](https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=978d20212ef031d818de5685ea9002ff57e6a4ab&ref=polessins)




[JOIN US CLICKING HERE AND GET A BONUS CARD ON REGISTER](https://splinterlands.com?ref=polessins)

[JOIN THIS CHALLENGE BY CLICKING HERE !](https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-cerberus)


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